Irrigation, Greenhouses and Agro-Inputs

We provide drip irrigation kits and systems, hybrid seeds, plastic mulches, pesticides, fertilizers, farm set-up services, soil testing and everything that has got to do with farming

What we do

A firm that can provide everything you need for your farm

At Veggie Concept, we offer solutions like greenhouses, drip irrigation systems, rain guns, plastic mulches, spray tube, seeds, pesticides, fertilizers, shade nets, coco peat, seedlings trays, calcium nitrate, staking net and other products. We also provide services like soil testing, plant tissue testing and design of agronomic plan etc.


We provide irrigation solutions like drip irrigation kit, rain guns and pivot irrigation etc.


We design greenhouses and poly tunnels using 3-D. We also install greenhouses for our customers.

Agro Inputs

Our range of agro inputs include seeds, fertilisers, pesticides, mulch, staking nets and shade nets etc.

Tailored solutions for your farm


We provide irrigation solutions like drip irrigation system, rain guns, sprinklers and pivot irrigation systems. Our irrigation products ensure all year round farming


We design and install various sizes of greenhouses, poly tunnels and shade houses for our customers across Nigeria

Farm Machines

We sell farm machines and tools like motorised weeders, motorised knapsack sprayers, earth augers, motorised palm harvester, tillers and tractors etc.

Agro inputs

We also sell agro inputs like pesticides, fertilisers, insecticides, fungicides, nematicides, acaricides, biopesticides like microbial innoculant, biofungicides, bio insecticides and sprayers etc.

why we do it

We’ve been there

We have serviced over 1,000 customers across the length and breadth of Nigeria. We know your farm problems and we will  be happy to help you solve the problems with our innovative solutions. Click here to know more about us.

We want to bring innovation

We encourage precision farming as this technique can significanty boost your yield and profit. Precision farming is encouraged by Veggie Concept through its campaign on the use of farm technologies and other innovative solutions. Our blog provides a lot of useful contents about agribusiness.


What they say

Isa Bala 


I have been using the innovative products of Veggie Concept for over 2 years. I can attest that their products have been very useful to me.



The drip irrigation system I got from Veggie Concept enabled me to improve my crop yield by over 120%, I also achieved an increase in my profit.


Drip Irrigation


Drip Irrigation systems for all year farming.



Greenhouse for zero to minimal pest and disease pressure.



Pesticides to tackle the problem of pests on your farm.

At Veggie Concept, we do farm set-up services for our customers. We are engaged in setting up projects like pepper farming, cucumber farming, tomato farming, beans farming, plantain farming, watermelon farming, cocoa farming, cashew farming, rice farming, guava farming and maize farming etc. We also sell insecticides (Tihan Insecticide, Belt Extra Insecticide), fungicides, herbicides (Lagon herbicide), nematicides, tomato seeds, cucumber seeds and other seeds etc.

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Find us here: 28, Godwin Omonua Street, Isolo, Lagos, Nigeria.

Find us here: 28, Oba Adebimpe Road, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

Find us here: Building Materials Market, Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria


Phone: +2348025141924