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Veggie Concept is one of the leading farm technologies and farm solution providers in Nigeria. Veggie Concept provides solutions like drip irrigation system, pivot irrigation, sprinkler irrigation system, plastic mulch, greenhouses, seeds, pesticides, motorised sprayers, motorised weeders and tractors etc.

Veggie Concept also assists farmers and investors in the areas of soil and water analysis, design of agronomic plan, 3-D design of greenhouses, irrigation layouts and pump stations, farm profit optimisation, precision farming training, hydroponic farm design, farm project valuation using discounted cash flow method and farm set-up services.

Our mission is to turn farming into a very profitable business for people in Nigeria. We encourage the use of precision based science and improved farm technologies to boost the income and profit of farmers in Nigeria. Veggie Concept sees farming as brain fed instead of rain fed.

Find us here: 28, Godwin Omonua Street, Isolo, Lagos, Nigeria.


Phone: +2348025141924