Advantages of Using Palm Harvesters for Oil Palm Farming

September 15, 2023

Palm harvesters are used for the harvesting of palm fruits. The motorized palm harvesters van also be used for pruning the branches and stems of oil palm trees.

The use of palm harvesters makes the tedious work of harvesting palm fruits easy. Below are some of the advantages of using a palm harvester:

Increased Efficiency

Speed: Palm harvesters are capable of harvesting a large number of fruit bunches in a relatively short amount of time, significantly increasing the harvesting speed compared to manual harvesting.

Continuous Operation: Machines can operate continuously without the need for breaks, providing a consistent and uninterrupted harvesting process.

Labor Savings

Reduced Labor Costs: Automating the harvesting process reduces the need for a large manual labor force, which can lead to significant cost savings over time.

Skilled Labor Not Required: Operating palm harvesters typically requires less skilled labor compared to manual harvesting, making it easier to find and train workers.

Improved Safety

Reduced Physical Strain: Harvesting palm fruit manually can be physically demanding and lead to worker injuries due to repetitive strain. Palm harvesters reduce this strain and minimize the risk of injuries.

Less Exposure to Pesticides: Manual harvesting may involve the use of pesticides, which can be harmful to workers' health. Palm harvesters can reduce the need for pesticide application.

Higher Yield

Reduced Fruit Damage: Palm harvesters are designed to handle fruit bunches gently, minimizing damage to the fruit. This can result in a higher yield of quality palm oil.

Improved Fruit Collection: Harvesters are designed to efficiently collect ripe fruit bunches, reducing the likelihood of leaving fruits on the tree to overripen or spoil.


Uniform Harvesting: Machines can be programmed to harvest fruit bunches at the optimal stage of ripeness, ensuring consistent fruit quality.

Precision: Palm harvesters are equipped with sensors and technology that can detect ripe fruit bunches accurately, reducing the chances of harvesting unripe or overripe fruit.

Cost Savings

Lower Maintenance Costs: While palm harvesters require maintenance, the long-term maintenance costs are generally lower than the ongoing labor costs associated with manual harvesting.

Long Lifespan: Well-maintained palm harvesters can have a long operational life, providing a good return on investment.

Environmental Benefits

Reduced Soil Compaction: Manual harvesting can lead to soil compaction due to heavy equipment and trampling by workers. Palm harvesters are designed to minimize soil compaction, which can benefit soil health.

Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Using machines can potentially reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with manual labor, especially if workers need to travel long distances to the plantation.

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A Case of an Oil Palm Farmer Using a Motorised Palm Harvester

Abiodun (not real name) is a 55 years oil oil palm farmer in Ondo state. He grows oil  palm on 5 hectares of land. He has been harvesting his palm fruits for several years using the manual method of harvesting.

He contacted us and we introduced the motorized palm harvester to him. He was shocked when he realized that he was harvesting 600% more palm fruits by using the motorized palm harvesters. He was also expending lesser energy. In all, Abiodun significantly increased his efficiency when it comes to palm harvesting.

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