Beans Yield per Hectare in Nigeria

October 4, 2022

The beans yield per hectare in Nigeria is 0.5 - 2 tons depending on the agricultural practices implemented by the beans grower. A hectare of beans can yield 5 – 20 bags of beans, each bag of beans weigh 100 kilogram.

The harvested beans are usually packed in 100 kilogram sacks or bags. The beans are harvested as dried beans. Beans are harvested when the pods are mature and dry.

In beans farming, the yield is positively correlated to the profitability of the farmer. If the beans farmer record a high yield, he is also likely to earn more profit from his farm.

beans farming in nigeria

Factors that impact beans yield in Nigeria

The following factors impact the yield of beans in Nigeria:

  1. The fertility of the soil
  2. The type of fertilizers used
  3. The intensity of pests and diseases
  4. The quality of pesticides used
  5. Climatic conditions
  6. Availability of labour
  7. Weeds

The fertility of the soil

The fertility of the soil can determine the yield you will get from your beans farm. If your soil is fertile, you are likely to get a high yield.

Beans crop does well in soils that are rich in humus and nutrients.

The type of fertilizers used

Beans crop does well when grown with high phosphatic fertilizers. Fertilizers like Single Super Phosphate (SSP) and Diammonium Phosphate (DAP) increases the root mass of beans plants; this optimizes the process of nitrogen fixation and ultimately leads to increases in yields.

You should consult your agronomist before you apply fertilizers to your beans plants.

The intensity of pests and diseases

Pests and diseases can reduce the crop yield in beans farming. Beans plants attract a lot of insects and other pests. To ensure a good yield from your beans farm, you should use the right types of pesticides for pests and diseases’ prevention.

Cultural practices should also be implemented to reduce the risk of pests and diseases on your beans farm.

The quality of pesticides used

There are a lot of substandard pesticides and agro-inputs in Nigeria. Unfortunately, a lot of farmers buy these low quality pesticides because they appear very cheap.

Using substandard pesticides can reduce the yield of your beans plants. You should buy high quality pesticides from accredited dealers like Veggie Concept.

Climatic condition

Beans have a higher risk of getting diseases in hot tropical areas like Nigeria. This can decrease the crop yield.

Availability of labour

Inadequate labour or farm hands can have a negative effect on the crop yield in beans farming.

To ensure you have a high yield in your beans farm, you should have enough farm hands to tend to your beans plants.


Weeds can reduce the yield of beans by 98%.  It is not uncommon to see beans farmers getting zero yield from their farm because of weed problems.

Herbicides and good weeding culture can be used to address the problem of weeds.

Do you grow beans in Nigeria? If yes, why not share with us your beans yield per hectare in the comments’ section.

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