Benefits of using nursery trays

March 17, 2023

The benefits of using nursery trays include reduced disease outbreak, enhanced productivity, reduced transplant shock and labour efficiency etc.

A nursery tray is a container like equipment used for the planting of seeds and raising of seedlings. A nursery tray is usually used to raise vegetables’ seedlings. In Nigeria, nursery trays are usually used to raise tomato seedlings, pepper seedlings and cucumber seedlings etc.

nursery tray in nigeria

Benefits of using nursery trays in Nigeria

The following are the benefits of using seedlings’ trays for seedlings in Nigeria:

Reduced Transplant Shock

The use of nursery trays for seedlings reduces transplant shock. Transplanting from conventional soil based nurseries often lead to a loss of a lot of seedlings due to transplant shock. The use of nursery trays makes the roots of seedlings remain intact during transplantation; this eventually leads to a reduced risk of transplant shock.

Reduced Labour Need

The use of nursery trays ensures the easy removal of seedlings from the trays; this reduces the labour time needed for transplantation.

The reduced need for labour leads to reduced labour cost.

Reduced space needed for nursery

Nursery trays can be stacked on one another; this makes it possible for a farmer to use a small space to grow thousands of seedlings. This is not possible if you use the conventional soil based nursery.

Better Plant Growth

Nursery trays ensure increased plant growth. In nursery trays, moisture and nutrients level can be controlled, this makes it possible to enhance the growth of the seedlings. Seedlings grown in nursery trays are usually healthy.

Improved Disease Control

The reduced risk of transplant shock when nursery trays are used can lead a reduced incidence of diseases. The roots of seedlings are not disturbed when you use seedlings trays for the raising of seedlings; this also reduces the risk of diseases.

Increased Productivity

Nursery trays produce healthy and fast growing seedlings. When healthy seedlings are transplanted, they can yield better than seedlings gotten from the conventional soil based nursery.

A Case of a Tomato Farmer Using Nursery Trays

Isiaka has been a tomato farmer in Iseyin, Oyo state for 25 years. He plants tomato on about 5 hectares every year.

Isiaka usually records a yield of about 2 tons per hectare due to poor seedlings raising practices and other poor agronomic practices.

Isiaka contacted us that he loses about 30% of his tomato seedlings every year due to the fact that he raises his seedlings on soil based ridges. We investigated and found out that the main reasons for the loss of his tomato seedlings are transplant shock and diseases infestation due to nematodes.

We suggested the use of nursery trays and coco peat. Isiaka recorded only 0.8% loss in his tomato seedlings when he used nursery trays, recall; he records about 30% seedlings’ loss when he used soil based ridges.

Isiaka also increased his yield to 31.2 tons per hectare, partly because he used nursery trays and coco peat to raise his tomato seedlings.

What is a Nursery Tray?

A nursery tray also called seedlings tray is a gardening tool in the form of a container with compartments used for the nursing and growing of seedlings.

The nursery trays are usually filled with soil or any other suitable growing medium, the soil or growing substrate is used to hold the seedlings in the nursery trays.

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Cost of nursery trays in Nigeria

Where can I buy nursery trays in Nigeria?

You can call us on 08025141924 if you need nursery trays.

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