Best Month to Plant Beans in Nigeria

January 26, 2022

Beans also called cowpea is best grown in some months of the year in Nigeria. Growing beans in some months of the year can guarantee good yield and a growing season devoid of pests and diseases.

In Nigeria, most beans farmers grow their crops in the planting season which runs from June to October. However, few farmers grow cowpea in the dry months of November to March due to various reasons.

beans farming in nigeria

The best months to grow beans in Nigeria

The following are the best months to plant beans in Nigeria:


In Southern Nigeria, cowpea farmers can start the cultivation of beans in April. April usually signals the beginning of rainy season in the southern part of Nigeria.

Insects are not common in April, so your beans crop will likely not face the challenges brought by insects and mites.

Insects transmit viral diseases to plants and can wreck your beans farm.


Rain starts in May in the Guinea savannah belt of Nigeria. May is one of the best months to plant beans in Nigeria.

The availability of rainfall aids the growth of beans plants in the month of May. The risk of insects’ attacks on your beans plants is greatly reduced if you grow your beans in the month of May.


Beans farmers in the southern and northern part of Nigeria can cultivate beans in the month of June. Most farmers in the northern part of Nigeria start the process of growing beans crop in the month of June.

Insects’ attacks are also very minimal in the month of June. However, there is a heightened risk of fungal diseases in the month of June because of high humidity level.


July is also a god month for the growing of beans in Nigeria. However, the high humidity in the month of July especially in the southern part of Nigeria can lead to fungal diseases attacking your beans crop.

Aside the risk of fungal infections on the crop, the abundance of rainfall in July can positively impact the growth and yield of beans.


The break in rainfall in the month of August in southern Nigeria can be an opportunity for farmers to cultivate beans. Planting beans in August in the southern part of Nigeria will need irrigation infrastructure.

In the northern part of Nigeria, beans can be planted in the month of August because of the abundance of rainfall.

September – December

Beans can be cultivated in the months of September, October, November and December. The risk of insects’ attacks is high in the dry season months of September to December.

Good insecticides should be used to address the problems of insects during these months.

Do you grow beans? If yes, why not share with us in the comments’ section, the months of the year you cultivate your crop.

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