Best Seedco Maize Seeds in Nigeria

June 2, 2024

The best Seeedco maize seeds in Nigeria is Seedco 719 (SC 719). This Seedco maize variety is high yielding and can tolerate the tropical conditions in Nigeria.

Some farmers have even described Seedco 719 as the best maize seeds in Nigeria.

The following are some of the reasons why Seedco 719 is the best Seedco maize variety in Nigeria:

  • Seedco 719 Seedco maize variety can yield up 10 to 12 tonnes per hectare at 50,000 – 55,000 plants per hectare
  • A late maturing hybrid. Reaches physiological maturity in 100 to 120 days depending on altitude
  • A late maturing white maize hybrid
  • Yield high of up to 12 tonnes per hectare
  • White, semi-flint textured grain hybrid with long cobs and closed tips
  • High shelling percentage of over 85%
  • A late maturing hybrid. Reaches physiological maturity in 120 days depending on altitude
  • Plant and cob height of 3.0m and 1.8m
  • Wide regional adaptation. Recommended for Seed Co Pan African zones 5, 6 and 7 or irrigated lands
  • Very good foliar disease tolerances
  • Excellent for silage
  • Suitable for green mealies
  • Excellent standing ability. Can withstand plant population density of up to 60 000 plants per hectare
  • Suitable for deployment in the Northern, Southern Guinea Savanna and the Plateau regions in Nigeria

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Other Seedco maize varieties that are good include:

  • Seedco 619 (SC 651)
  • Seedco 612 (SC 612)
  • Seedco 510 (SC 510)
  • Seedco 645 (SC 645)
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How to Plant Seedco Maize Seeds

  • Plough, harrow and ridge your farmland.
  • Apply glyphosate to the weeds on the farmland.
  • Wait for some days before planting.
  • Plant one Seedco maize seed per hole. The intra-row spacing should be 25cm while the inter-row spacing should be 75cm.
  • Apply lagon herbicide immediately after planting of the seeds or not later than 2 days after seeding.
  • Apply fertilizers and pesticides as advised by your agronomist. You may need to apply 3-4 bags of urea fertilizer and 3-4 bags of NPK fertilizers per hectare.
  • Apply belt expert and decis insecticides to guard against army worms.
  • Harvest when the cobs are dry.
  • Use a Sheller to shell the maize seeds from the cobs.

Recap on Maize Farming

Maize farming is the cultivation of maize crop from the stage of planting to the last stage of harvesting, processing and marketing. Maize farming in Nigeria involves growing activities like the planting of the maize seeds, caring for the maize plants and harvesting the maize produce.

Maize is one of the most consumed staple foods in Nigeria, this makes the rowing of maize one of the most profitable farming ventures anyone can do in Nigeria.

Maize is also an industrial raw material. Maize is used by a lot of manufacturers and producers for the production of maize grits, flour, starch, glucose and pap etc.

Source: Veggie Concept

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