Bottle Drip Irrigation System

April 10, 2022

Bottle drip irrigation system is a type of DIY drip irrigation system where bottles filled with water are used to irrigate crops.

This type of drip irrigation system is suitable for small farms, orchards and gardens. It cannot be used for large farms.

The bottle drip irrigation system can work like the conventional drip irrigation system, though it is not as efficient and accurate like the conventional drip system.

Bottle drip irrigation system

How to Make a Bottle Drip Irrigation System

The following are the steps to make a bottle drip irrigation system:

  • You need to get a lot of plastic bottles. The PET bottles are better for this type of DIY drip irrigation system. These plastic bottles can be found in waste bins, recycling yards, homes and roads.
  • Remove the cover of the bottles. Wash the bottles thoroughly and ensure that all dirts, particles and substances in the bottles are washed away. You also need to ensure that the plastic bottles are not leaking or damaged.
  • Get a drill bit or nails to create holes on the plastic bottles. The holes will serve as emitters where water will drip out of the bottles to the plants.
  • Get some ropes preferable twine ropes.
  • Take the bottles and the ropes to the field.
  • Pour water into the bottles.
  • Stake the rows of the plants, tie the ropes around the water filled bottles and fix the bottles on the stakes with the ropes.
  • The water filled bottles must point to the plants.
  • Watch how the water filled bottles will be emitting water to the plants.

Types of Bottle Drip Irrigation Systems

The following are the types of bottle drip irrigation system:

Hanging bottle drip irrigation system

This type of bottle drip irrigation system involves the hanging of water filled bottles on stakes beside the plants. The hanging effect makes gravity to push water through the holes created on the bottles to the plants. This system is fairly easy to create and use.

Buried bottle drip irrigation system

bottle drip irrigation system

This DIY bottle drip irrigation system involves the burying of water filled bottles beside the plants. Water slowly trickles out of the bottle to the roots of the plant.

This is also a fairly easy and cheap drip irrigation system to make.

You can also purchase a drip irrigation system here.

Do you want to make a bottle drip irrigation system and you are confused on how to go about it? If yes, why not contact us for assistance.

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