Can Spray Tubes be Reused?

June 7, 2022

Spray tube can be reused. If your spray tubes are still in good condition, you can reuse them for a long time. We have seen a lot of farmers who used their spray tubes or sprinkler hoses for several years.

If your spray tubes are of a high quality, they can last long. This will increase the chances of reuse over several seasons or years.

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Tips for Reusing Spray Tubes

The following are some of the tips of reusing last season’s spray tubes:

Use Electrical Tapes to Repair Damaged Spray Tubes

Electrical tapes can be used to repair a lot of hoses, they are versatile. Electrical tapes can be used to seal leakages on spray tubes. They can also be used to repair drip tapes.

With the use of electrical tapes for the repairs of spray tubes, the longevity of the spray can be increased.

The Use of Couplings

Couplings or spray tube joiners or connectors can be used to repair spray tubes. They can also be used to fix leakages on spray tubes. Couplings enable farmers to reuse their spray tubes.

To use couplings to repair spray tubes, you need to cut the spray tubes and fix the coupling into the cut spray tubes.

Flush the Spray Tubes

Spray tubes should be cleaned intermittently with water. How are spray tubes flushed? You pressurize the spray tubes with water, open the end plugs and let the water drain out from the spray tubes. This will remove the sand, silt and other unwanted particles in the rain hoses or spray tubes. It can also help in cleaning the emitters. Unblocked spray tubes can be reused.

The Use of Reels

Reels can be used to remove spray tubes from the farm or garden. They can also make the removal of spray tubes an easy and seamless task.

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