Components of Spray Tube Irrigation System

June 6, 2022

The components of the spray tube irrigation system are the accessories used in a typical spray tube irrigation system.

The spray tube irrigation system also known as the Sumisansui irrigation system or micro-spray irrigation system will not function properly if all these components are not assembled and used together.

The components of the spray tube irrigation system include the spray tube or rain hose, main line or hose, submain hose, spray tube connectors, spray tube end plugs and valves etc.

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The Components of the Spray Tube Irrigation System

The following are the components of a spray tube irrigation system:

  1. Spray Tube or Rain Hose (Sumisansui Hose)
  2. Main Line
  3. Submain Line (Layflat Hose)
  4. Spray Tube Connectors
  5. Spray Tube End Plugs
  6. Valves
  7. Filters
  8. Hold Down Pegs

1) Spray Tube or Rain Hose (Sumisansui Hose)

The spray tube is also called a rain hose. It is polythene made tube or hose with holes created at specified intervals on it. The holes on the spray tubes are used for the spraying of droplets of water to plants.

The spray tubes work like sprinklers. The spray tube is the main or the most important accessory of the spray tube irrigation system. It should be noted that the Sumisansui hose is a type of spray tube.

2) Main Line

The main line is the hose or pipe that brings water from the main source of water. The main line can be a hose or a PVC pipe. Steel pipes can also be used as main lines.

3) Submain Line (Layflat Hose)

The submain line is the hose or pipe that runs across the farmland. The spray tubes connect directly to the submain line. Layflat hoses or pipes can be used as the submain line.

4) Spray Tube Connectors

The spray tube connectors are the irrigation accessories used for the connection of the spray tube to the submain line. The connectors ensure that water will be passed to the spray tubes.

5) Spray Tube End Plugs

The spray tube end plugs are used to close up or seal the end of the spray tube. They ensure that the water flowing in the spray tubes do not go to waste.

The spray tube end plugs also ensure that the spray tubes are fully pressurized with water.

6) Valves

Valves control the flow of water in the spray tube irrigation system. They also enable the stopping the flow of water to a zone on the irrigated land. Valves can also enable a farmer to channel water flow or supply to areas on his farmland. The valves used in micro spray irrigation system are similar to that used in plumbing work.

7) Filters

Filters are used in the micro-spray irrigation system for stopping debris, impurities, particles and silt from getting into the spray tubes. Without filters, the rain hose irrigation system may be rendered unusable.

Spray tubes have holes; impurities getting into the spray tube system can block the emitters. If the spray tube holes are blocked, the whole spray tube irrigation system will be unusable as water will not spray out of it again.

The filter is usually installed on the main line or pipe.

8) Hold Down Pegs

The hold-down pegs are stakes used to hold the spray tubes to the soil so that they will not move when they are spraying water.

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