Cost of Greenhouse in Nigeria

May 2, 2022

The cost of greenhouse in Nigeria varies according to the size and materials used for its construction and installation. The cost of a typical 240 square metre greenhouse in Nigeria is N1.5 million – N2.5 million depending on the materials and gadget used for the construction.

A greenhouse with cooling facility and humidity control mechanism will be significantly costly that a greenhouse without these facilities.

The shape and type of greenhouse can also determine the cost. Some types of greenhouses are usually very expensive while some simple types of greenhouses are usually cheap. The cheap greenhouses can be set up by farmers and gardeners themselves through DIY.

Greenhouse farming

Greenhouse Cost by Type

There are different types of greenhouses. These greenhouses have different price points. Below is the cost of various types of greenhouses:

Hoop Greenhouse

The cost of a hoop greenhouse varies fromN4,000 – N9,000 per square meter. The hoop greenhouse is a simple greenhouse which can be built and installed by farmers and gardeners practicing DIY.

Rooftop Greenhouse

The rooftop greenhouse is a type of greenhouse with a sophisticated rooftop. The material used for the rooftop is usually of a high quality and costly. The cost of a hoop greenhouse is N7,000 – N10,000 per square metre.


The polytunnel is a type of greenhouse with a round rooftop covered with polythene cover and the sides covered with insect nets or screens. This is the commonest type of greenhouse in Nigeria. The cost of a polytunnel is N6,000 – N10,000 per square meter.

A-Frame Greenhouse

The A-Frame greenhouse has an ‘A’ shape, hence the name A-Frame greenhouse. The cost to erect tis type of greenhouse ranges between N6,500 – N11,000 per square metre.

Gothic-Arch Shaped Greenhouse

The cost of gothic arch greenhouse in Nigeria is N7,000 – N11,000 per square metre. The gothic arch greenhouse has a round shape at the roof tlevel. The roof is usually covered by plastic sheets.

Cost of Greenhouse Materials

The greenhouse has materials which are used to build it. The greenhouse materials constitute the bulk of the cost of a typical greenhouse.

The cost of greenhouse materials is explained below:

Greenhouse Polythene Cover

The greenhouse polythene cover is the plastic sheet used as the roof of the greenhouse. The greenhouse polythene cover prevents the plants in the greenhouse from direct exposure to the elements.

The cost of the greenhouse polythene cover ranges from N500 – N2,000 depending on the quality and materials used for its production.

Greenhouse Glass

Some greenhouses are roofed and covered at the sides by glass. The glass shields the plants from direct exposure to the elements.

The cost of greenhouse glass is N2,000 – N20,000 depending on the quality.

Greenhouse Net

The greenhouse net is used to prevent the access of insects, flies and other pests into the greenhouse. The greenhouse nets are usually placed at the sides of the greenhouse. The cost of the greenhouse net is N200 – N1,500 per square meter.

Drip Irrigation System

The drip irrigation system is used for irrigating the plants in the greenhouse. Drip irrigation is the most efficient type of irrigation system in the world.

The cost of drip irrigation system per square metre in Nigeria is N500 – N2,000.

Galvanised Iron Rods

Galvanised iron rods are used to construct the frame, pillars and beams of the greenhouse. The cost of galvanized iron rod ranges from N2,000 to N5,000 per one.

You should only use high quality galvanized iron rods for your greenhouse; else, your greenhouse may collapse.

Greenhouse Insulation

Greenhouse insulation materials are used to alter the temperature of the greenhouse. Te types of greenhouse insulation materials used are base cladding, bubble wrap, double-pane glass and thermal screen.

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