Cucumber Staking Net

November 22, 2021

A cucumber staking net is a type of trellis net used for the staking of cucumber plants. Cucumber staking nets ensure that cucumber plants do not crawl on the soil. They make the cucumber plants grow in a vertical format which is usually beneficial to the plants.

A cucumber staking net is usually fixed or attached to two stakes. The stakes can be planks or poles. Once the cucumber staking nets are attached to the stakes, the cucumber plants will crawl upwards on the staking nets.

Cucumber staking nets can also be used to stake other crops like tomato and pepper.

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How to Use Cucumber Staking Nets

To use cucumber staking nets for cucumber farming, the following should be done:

  • Buy high quality cucumber staking net.
  • Put stakes (planks or poles) in your farmland. Holes should be dug where the stakes will be fixed.
  • Attach the cucumber staking nets to two poles.
  • You may need to train the cucumber plants so that they will grow vertically on the staking nets.

Characteristics of Cucumber Staking Nets

Material: Cucumber staking nets are manufactured with polythene.

Dimension: The popular dimensions of cucumber staking nets sold in Nigeria are 2 metres by 100 metres and 2 metres by 200 metres.

Strength: The strength of cucumber staking net is measured in ply. There are 4 ply, 6 ply and 6 ply strengthened. You should insist on buying 6 ply strengthened.

Benefits of Using a Cucumber Staking Net in Nigeria

The following are the benefits of using cucumber staking nets:

Cucumber staking nets can reduce the incidences of diseases and pests on cucumber plants. When cucumber plants grow vertically, there is less chances of fungal diseases because of the increased aeration. Also, soil born pests may not be able to attack the plants.

Cucumber staking nets can help in improving the yield of cucumber plants as more plants can be planted on the farmland. The less chance of diseases and pests can also increase yield.

Using cucumber staking nets can enable farmers to maximize the usage of farmland; this can reduce the overall cost of farming.

Using cucumber staking nets can also improve the quality of the cucumber fruits. Cucumber plants that crawl on the soil often have badly shaped fruits and sometimes disease infected fruits.

Cucumber Staking Nets versus Staking Nets

A cucumber staking net is a type of staking net. Both are manufactured with polythene and they both do similar things.

Some farmers use the conventional staking nets as cucumber staking nets.

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