Drip Irrigation in Greenhouse

April 13, 2022

Most greenhouses use drip irrigation systems to irrigate the plants they house. Drip irrigation is an efficient type of irrigation that slowly releases water to the root zone of plants.

In greenhouses, the structure is covered so water from rainfall is not allowed to get in. Artificial irrigation must be used. The most favoured type of irrigation for greenhouses is the drip irrigation. This is due to its effectiveness and efficiency.

Drip irrigation tapes or tubings are laid beside the rows of plants in greenhouses. The emitters on the drip irrigation line slowly pass water to the base or root of each plant. The emitters on the drip irrigation tapes enable the system to pass water to the plants.

Drip irrigation technology goes hand in hand with greenhouse farming.

drip irrigation in greenhouse

Types of Drip Irrigation in Greenhouse

The following are the types of drip irrigation systems that can be used in greenhouses:

Drip Tapes

Drip tapes are hoses made of polythene with pre-installed emitters on them. The emitters are spaced at a pre-determined distance.

The drip tapes emit water to the roots of each plant in a slow way. The trickle drop of water to the root of every plant enables the plant to optimize the usage of water.

Drip tapes come in rolls of 1,000 metres, 2000 metres and 1,500 metres etc. The drip tapes must be laid beside the row of plants in the greenhouse. The emitters on the drip tapes should also not be too far away from the plants.

drip tape for drip irrigation

Arrow Drippers

The arrow drippers are fitted into planting bags. The arrow drippers also pass water to each plant in the grow bag. It can be used where the usage of drip tapes will not be feasible.

The arrow drippers are usually connected to a network of pipes and hoses.

Pressure Compensated Drippers

The pressure compensated dripper is a type of irrigation dripper used in greenhouses installed on areas with poor topography. The pressure compensated dripper will emit the same volume of water to every plant in the greenhouse irrespective of the topography of the site or land.

LDPE Pipe and Removable Emitters

LDPE pipes can be used alongside removable emitters to irrigate plants in greenhouses. This type of drip irrigation system is durable than drip tapes.

The LDPE pipes or hoses can last for several years. Also, the removable emitters do not get blocked like the drip tape emitters.

PVC Drip Irrigation System

The PVC drip irrigation system can be used by hobbyists and gardeners in their DIY greenhouses. It should be noted that this type of drip irrigation system is not as effective and efficient as the conventional drip irrigation system.

pvc pipe drip irrigation system

Gravity Drip Irrigation System

Gravity drip irrigation system is a type of irrigation system that depends on gravity to push flowing water to the drip tapes and the plants.

A reservoir, drip tapes, connectors, end plugs and other accessories are needed for a gravity drip irrigation system to work properly.

Other types of drip irrigation systems that can be used in greenhouses include:

What is a greenhouse?

Greenhouse farming

A greenhouse is an enclosed structure where crops can be planted. A typical greenhouse has a roof and walls on all its sides. The roof can be made of plastic or glass. The sides of the greenhouse can also be made of glass, plastic and nets.

A greenhouse can be used to cultivate crops that do not ordinarily grow in an area because of the climate. For example, strawberry grows only in temperate climes. In Nigeria, strawberry can be grown with the use of a greenhouse with climate control technology.

What type of drip irrigation system do you use in your greenhouse? Kindly share your answers in the comments’ section.

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