Drip Irrigation Materials List

April 9, 2022

The drip irrigation materials list is the items that make up a complete drip irrigation system. Without the full materials, a complete drip irrigation system cannot be set up.

List of Drip Irrigation Materials

The following is the drip irrigation materials’ list for a typical drip irrigation project:

Drip Tapes

Drip irrigation materials list

The drip tape is a set of hoses or pipes with inbuilt emitters used for the passing of water to the root zone of plants. The drip tape is one of the key components of a typical drip irrigation system.

The drip tapes are usually laid beside the rows of plants. A roll of 16mm diameter drip tape is the commonest type of drip tape used in Nigeria.

Lay Flat Hose

layflat hose main line for irrigation

The layflat hose serves as the submains in the drip irrigation system. It is one of the materials needed for a complete drip irrigation system. There are several types of layflat hoses namely:

PVC Pipes

PVC pipes for drip irrigation materials list

In some drip irrigation projects, PVC pipes are used as the main line and the submain line. The PVC pipe is usually used to transport water from the source of water to the irrigated land. The PVC pipe can also be used to supply water to the drip tapes.



The connector is also a type of material used for a drip irrigation system. The connectors are used in the connection of all the pipes, tubings and hoses used in the irrigation system.

Some of the types of connectors used in a drip irrigation kit include:

End Plugs

End plug

The end plugs are used to close or block the end of the drip tapes. They can also be used to block or close the end of the hoses or pipes serving as the main line or the submains.

The end plugs are also called end clips or stoppers. They ensure that the flowing water in the drip irrigation system does not waste away. They also ensure that the drip irrigation system is fully pressurized.

Hold Down Stakes

The hold down stakes are also called hold down pegs. These materials are used for the holding down of drip tapes or tubings. The stakes are fitted on the drip tapes and drilled down into the soil. They ensure that the drip tapes stay in place.

In areas of high wind, hold down stakes are very useful as they ensure that the drip tapes are firmly held to the ground.

Venturi Injector for Fertigation

venturi injector for fertigation

The venturi injector is part of the drip irrigation materials’ list. The venturi injector is connected to the main line or submains in a drip irrigation system. It is used for injecting soluble fertilizers to the flowing water in an irrigation system.

The venturi injector works with the principle of pressure differentials. The pressure differentials in the flowing water enable it to suck in soluble fertilizer solution into the irrigation system. The venturi injector is simply used for Fertigation.

Dosing Pump

The dosing pump works like the venturi injector. The dosing pump doses the flowing water in an irrigation system with soluble fertilizer solution or chemical solution. It is used for Fertigation, nutrigation and Chemigation.


The joiners are used to connect two drip tapes together. They are useful for the repairs of drip tapes. If a drip tape is bad or leaking, the drip joiners can be used to repair it.

A special type of joiner is called a straight connector. It works like the conventional drip joiner.


A filter is a device used for the removal of unwanted materials from the flowing water in a drip irrigation system. A typical drip irrigation system needs a filtration system. The filter is the main component of the filtration system.

An automatic filter, screen filter or disc filter can be part of the drip irrigation materials list.

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