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We provide farm setup services, installation of irrigation systems, hybrid seeds, plastic mulches, pesticides, fertilizers, international procurement service and everything that has got to do with farming

What we do

A firm that can provide everything you need for your farm

We can do a turnkey farm set up for you. We can set-up large farms and plantations. We can set up cocoa plantation, cucumber farms, tomato farms, maize farms, soybeans farms, cocoa farms, plantain farms, kenaf farms, cashew farms, oil palm farms, greenhouses and other types of farms.

We can do the following:

  • Land Preparation
  • Soil and Water Analysis
  • Installation of Irrigation System
  • Supply of Seeds, Fertilizers, Pesticides and Herbicides
  • Supply of Farm Machinery and Equipment
  • Greenhouse Set-Up
  • International Procurement Service
  • Training of Farm Workers
  • Business Plans, Feasibility Studies and Farm Valuation Services
  • Profit Optimisation Service

Irrigation & Greenhouses

We provide irrigation solutions like drip irrigation systems. We also design and install greenhouses

Land Preparation

We do land clearing of large farmlands, ploughing, harrowing, ridging and liming etc.


We can supply seeds, farm machines and equipment, fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides, mulch, staking nets and shade nets etc.

Tailored solutions for your farm


We provide irrigation solutions like drip irrigation system, rain guns, sprinklers and pivot irrigation systems. Our irrigation products ensure all year round farming


We design and install various sizes of greenhouses, poly tunnels and shade houses for our customers across Nigeria

Farm Machines

We sell farm machines and tools like motorised weeders, motorised knapsack sprayers, earth augers, motorised palm harvester, tillers and tractors etc.

Agro inputs

We also sell agro inputs like pesticides, fertilisers, insecticides, fungicides, nematicides, acaricides, biopesticides like microbial innoculant, biofungicides, bio insecticides and sprayers etc.

Land Preparation

We engage in land preparation service. Some of the services we do are:

  • Land Clearing using Bulldozers
  • Ploughing
  • Harrowing
  • Ridging
  • Soil amendments using Limestone, Dolomite. Aglime, Lignite, Humates and Microbial Innoculants.
  • Soil pH Amendment etc.

Soil Analysis and Water Analysis

As part of our farm set-up service, we also conduct soil test and water test. Our soil test will show the nutrients profile of your soil, pH level and the microbial count.

We also test a lot of parameters in water samples.

Irrigation System Installation

farm set-up

We can design and install irrigation systems on your farm. We do hydrological survey of farmlands before we design and install irrigation systems.

As part of our farm set-up service, we also do the following:

Drip irrigation/Rain Gun/Centre Pivot/Sumisansui irrigation/Spray Tube Irrigation

We supply and install drip irrigation systems (drip tapes, connectors, layflat hoses, joiners, venturi injector and other drip irrigation accessories). We also supply and install rain guns, spray tubes and centre pivots etc.

Supply of Water Pumps

We supply all types of pumps for irrigation. We can supply centrifugal pumps, borehole pumps, diesel pumps and petrol powered water pumps. We can supply 5.5HP pump, 20HP pump, 40HP pump, 50HP pump, 100HP pump and 200HP pumps etc.

Drilling of Borehole

We can also drill boreholes and other types of water wells on your farm. We conduct geophysical surveys before we develop boreholes or water wells.

Construction of Water Reservoirs

We can design and install water tanks, pressed steel tanks and fiberglass tanks on your farm. We can also design and construct other types of water reservoir on your farm.

Supply of Seeds, Fertilizers, Pesticides and Herbicides

We supply open pollinated seeds, hybrid seeds, nursery trays and growing media like coco peat. We do not just supply seeds; we supply seeds suitable for the prevailing climatic condition, types of pests and diseases inherent in your farm and the agro-climate of your farm area.

We supply all types of fertilizers (NPK fertilizers, potassium nitrate, calcium nitrate, CALMAG, Muriate of Potash, urea and SSP etc.). We can supply truck load of fertilizers. We can also advise you on the right type of fertilizers needed for your farm.

We can also supply pesticides like insecticides, nematicides, fungicides, acaricides and bactericides etc. We also stock various types of herbicides.

Supply of Farm Machinery and Equipment

farm setup

We also supply all types of farm machinery and equipment. We can supply tractors, boom sprayers, plough, harrowers, ridgers, mechanised weeders, mechanized tillers, mini-tractors, surveillance cameras for farms and solar power devices for farms.

Greenhouse Set-Up

We design and install greenhouses, nethouses, shade houses and polytunnels on farms. We also train farmers on greenhouse farming.

Greenhouse in NIgeria

International Procurement Service

For large farms, we can help to source for farm equipment, machinery and supplies from any country of the world, we can also ship these items to Nigeria, do custom clearing and deliver to the farm.

Some of the services we do are:

  • Sourcing for international vendors
  • Shipping to Nigeria
  • Custom Clearance
  • Warehousing
  • Transportation of merchandise to your farm

Business Plans, Feasibility Studies and Farm Valuation Services

As part of our farm set-up service, we develop business plans for farming ventures, feasibility studies and farm valuation.

Profit Optimisation Service

Do you have problems on your farm, we can help you to solve the problems on your farm and optimize your profit.

Should you wish to engage us for farm set-up service, kindly contact us on 08066437109 or send an email to sales@veggieconcept.ng


What they say

Abdul Shehu 


Veggie Concept sourced for farm tractors, boom sprayers and other equipment for us from Turkey and China. The firm handled the shipping, custom clearing and delivery to our farm.

Lola Ogunde


Veggie Concept set up our farm from scratch. Veggie installed the drip irrigation system, trained our staff and was with us until our first harvest.


Drip Irrigation


Drip Irrigation systems for all year farming.



Greenhouse for zero to minimal pest and disease pressure.



Pesticides to tackle the problem of pests on your farm.

At Veggie Concept, we do farm set-up services for our customers. We are engaged in setting up projects like pepper farming, cucumber farming, tomato farming, beans farming, plantain farming, watermelon farming, cocoa farming, cashew farming, oil palm farming, rice farming, guava farming and maize farming etc. We also sell insecticides (Tihan Insecticide, Belt Extra Insecticide), fungicides, herbicides (Lagon herbicide), nematicides, tomato seeds, cucumber seeds and other seeds etc.

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