Greenhouse Farming Materials

May 1, 2022

Greenhouse farming materials are the things needed for greenhouse farming. These things include the parts of the greenhouse structure, tools, equipment, consumables and planting materials etc.

The greenhouse farming materials will be extensively discussed in this article.

Greenhouse farming

Greenhouse Farming Materials

The following are greenhouse farming materials:

Greenhouse Structure

The greenhouse structure is the enclosed space built with iron rods, polythene cover and nets that houses the plants.

The greenhouse provides shelter for the crops. It prevents the access of insects and pests. The greenhouse can also create a micro-climate for the plants. This is why it’s possible to grow crops that would ordinarily not grow in the open field in the greenhouse.

Drip Irrigation System

5 Acre Drip Irrigation System

The drip irrigation system is the type of irrigation system that allows for the slow and controlled passing of water in droplets to the root zones of plants.

The greenhouse mostly comes with a drip irrigation system. The drip irrigation system consists of the drip tapes, venturi injector for Fertigation, connectors, end clips, hoses, valves and tubings etc.

Sprinkler Irrigation System

Some greenhouses come with sprinkler irrigation systems. The sprinklers provide overhead watering to the plants in the greenhouse. The types of sprinklers that can be used in a greenhouse include misters and small impact sprinklers.

Greenhouse Fan

The greenhouse fan is one of the greenhouse farming materials. The greenhouse fan is used to circulate air in the greenhouse; it also cools the greenhouse and helps in humidity management. Some greenhouse fans can also disrupt the activities of some pests.

Greenhouse Nets

Greenhouse nets are usually used on the sides of the greenhouse. The greenhouse nets serves as screens that prevents the entrances of insects and flies into the greenhouse.

Some greenhouse nets are treated with insecticides to kill any pest that touches them.

Greenhouse Polythene Cover

The greenhouse polythene cover is used to cover the top and sides of the greenhouse. This greenhouse material ensures that the plants are not exposed to the elements.

Most if not all greenhouse polythene covers are UV treated. They can witstand the rays of the sun for a relatively long time.

Galvanised Iron Rods

The galvanized iron rods are the rods used as the pillars, archs and beams of the greenhouse structure. This material is usually made from heavy iron so that the greenhouse structure will stand firmly on the ground.

Horizontal Connectors

The horizontal connectors are the iron made connectors used for connecting the horizontal iron rods.


The doors are used to provide access to the greenhouse. The greenhouse doors are musually made with steel.

Planting Bags

The planting bags are usually made of polythene with perforated holes. The planting bags are used for the planting of the crops.

Hybrid Seeds

price of seedlings trays

Hybrid seeds are seeds bred for crossing of two or more seed varieties. They are usually high yielding and resistant to some pests and diseases. Most greenhouse farmers use hybrid seeds because of their merits over open pollinated seeds.



Fertilizers provide nutrients to plants. The common types of fertilizers used for greenhouse farming include NPK fertilizers, urea, potassium nitrate, calcium nitrate, Mono-Ammonium Phosphate and chelates etc.


Pesticides are used for the management of pests and diseases. Some of the pesticides used for greenhouse farming include insecticides, fungicides, bactericides, nematicides and acaricides etc.

Staking Net

cucumber staking net

The staking net is used for training plants to grow vertically. Staking nets are used for crops like cucumbers, watermelon, pepper and tomato etc.

Other greenhouse farming materials include pollinators, beneficial insects and beneficial microbes etc.

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