How do farmers in Nigeria choose the right irrigation pump for their needs?

January 7, 2023

Farmers in Nigeria choose the irrigation pump to use based on several factors. These factors may be the pressure of the irrigation pump, flow rate, cost and power source.

An irrigation pump is a type of water pump used for the pumping of water from the source of water to the irrigation system. An irrigation pump is one of the most important components of a complete irrigation system.

Centrifugal Pump

What farmers in Nigeria look for before choosing the right irrigation pump?

Farmers in Nigeria consider the following factors before choosing an irrigation pump to use:


Farmers chose to buy the irrigation pump that fits their budget. If an irrigation pump is too expensive, some farmers may prefer to buy the less expensive version. The cost is a very important factor while picking the right irrigation pump to use.

Source of Water

The source of water is also a factor considered by farmers before choosing the irrigation pump to use. Some irrigation pumps an only work with a specific source of water. For example, a large diesel irrigation pump cannot be used to pump water from a deep water well or borehole.

Flow Rate

The farmer also considers the flow rate of the irrigation pump before buying. The flow rate of a pump is the quantity of water that the pump can move in a period of time. Some farmers may prefer pumps with a high flow rate.


The pressure of a pump is the force the pump uses to push water through the pipes or tubings or irrigation lines. Some irrigation systems like the sprinkler irrigation system need a high pressure. Hence, farmers may consider the pressure of the pump before choosing it. The size of the irrigated field may also require a higher water pressure.

Source of Power

The farmer should also consider the source of power before choosing an irrigation pump. If the farm has access to electricity, a pump powered by electricity can be used. If not, a diesel or petrol powered irrigation pump can be used.

Horse Power of the Pump

The horse power of the pump measures the power of the pump. A pump with a high horse power may cover larger fields than a pump with a low horse power.

Farms that are large usually use irrigation pumps of high horse power like 30 – 200 horse power.

Are you a farmer in Nigeria? Do you use an irrigation pump? If yes, why not share with us in the comments’ section, what you look out for before choosing an irrigation pump.

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