How long does Drip Tape last?

June 5, 2022

A drip tape can last for 2 – 7 years depending on various factors.  Some drip tapes may last for just a few years while some can last for several years.

It is not uncommon to see drip tapes lasting for 8 years. This type of drip tapes are usually made with high quality polythene materials that are UV resistant.

How to remove drip tapes

Factors that affect how long drip tape can last

The following factors impact how long a drip tape can last:

  1. Quality of water used for irrigation
  2. Thickness of the drip tape
  3. Quality of materials used for production of the drip tape
  4. Climatic condition
  5. Water Pressure
  6. Type of filtration system used

1) Quality of water used for irrigation

The quality of water that passes through the drip tape can impact how long it will last. Water that contains high content of iron can reduce the longevity of a drip tape.

Also water that is very acidic can shorten the lifespan of drip tapes.

2) Thickness of the drip tape

Drip tapes that are thick may last longer than those that are not thick. The thickness of drip tapes is measured in millimetres and microns.

For example, a drip tape that is 0.3mm thick may ordinarily last longer than one that is 0.15mm thick.

3) Quality of materials used for production of the drip tape

UV resistant polythene made drip tapes are usually long lasting than drip tapes that are produced with materials that are not Ultra Violet (UV) rays resistant.

UV resistant materials protect the drip tapes from the damaging effects of the rays of sunlight.

4) Climatic Condition

Drip tapes used in temperate climes can last longer than those used in hot tropical areas. For example, drip tapes used in the United Kingdom may last longer than drip tapes used in Nigeria.

5) Water Pressure

The working water pressure of most drip tapes is 1 bar. Too high water pressure may reduce the longevity of drip tapes.

You should always use the recommended working water pressure for your drip tapes.

6) Type of Filtration System Used

The use of a filtration system can elongate the lifespan of a drip tape. Using high quality filtration system will make your drip tape last longer.

A recap on what a Drip Tape means

A drip tape is a component of a drip or trickle irrigation system used for the passing of water to the root zone of plants. A drip tape is simply a tape or tubing made of polythene with emitters placed at specified intervals on it.

Do you use drip tapes? If yes, can you tell us how long your drip tapes last in the comments’ section?

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