How Long Does Plantain Take to Grow?

August 11, 2022

Plantain takes 8 – 12 months to grow or reach harvest. The time it takes for plantain to reach harvest depends on a myriad of factors. These factors include temperature, water availability, fertility of the soil and whether the plantain crop will be harvested as unripe plantains or ripe plantains.

In the northern part of Nigeria, plantain reaches harvest time quickly because of the intensity of sunlight. High temperature can speed up the time it takes for plantain to grow or reach harvest.

It should be noted that plantains are often grown in the southern part of Nigeria due to the high rainfall level and humidity.

In the cooler part of Nigeria like Mambilla Plateau, Obudu and Jos Plateau, plantain may not reach harvest time at a fast pace. The time to harvest is one of the factors a plantain farmer should consider before venturing into a plantain farming project.

Plantain Farming

Factors that affect how long it takes for plantain to grow or reach harvest

The following are the factors that affect how long it takes for plantain to grow or reach harvest:

Climatic Condition

In areas with a high temperature, plantain crop can grow at a fast rate because of the intensity of sunlight. In areas with cold temperature, plantain plant will not reach harvest time quickly. Other climatic factors that can affect the time it takes for plantain to grow are the level of rainfall and humidity.

Availability of Water

The lack of water can delay the maturity or growth of your plantain plant. If you cultivate your plantain with rains, if the rains stop, your plantain will not reach harvest or maturity stage on time. If you have irrigation in place, your plantain may reach harvest time quickly.

Pests and Diseases

Pests and diseases can impact the growth of plantain plants, this can stunt the growth of the plantain crop and delay the time to maturity. This will lead to zero yield.

Soil Fertility

If your soil is poor in nutrients and not fertile, the growth of your plantain plants may be delayed. When the soil is rich with nutrients, the plantain plant can reach harvest on time.

The Use of Fertilizers and Manure

The use of the right type of fertilizers and manure can speed up the growth of plantain plants. When crops grow at a fast rate, the time to harvest can be short.

Stage of Harvest

If you want to harvest your plantain crop as unripe plantains, you may harvest as early as eight months. However, if you want to harvest as big ripe plantains, you may need to wait till the 12 months of planting.

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