How many bags of beans per hectare?

September 19, 2022

An hectare can produce 10 – 30 bags of beans (100kg bags of dry beans grains). The number of bags a one hectare of farmland can produce varies. There are a lot of factors that can impact the level of production from an hectare of beans farmland.

There are beans farmers that can produce 3 tons of beans (30 bags of beans) per hectare. This category of farmers implements good agronomic practices. The average farmer in Nigeria produces less than 10 bags of beans per hectare because of the the implementation of poor agronomic practices.

The factors that impact the number of bags of beans that can be harvested from an hectare of beans include the variety of beans seeds planted, intensity of pests and diseases and types of fertilizers applied to the crop etc.

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Factors determining the number of bags of beans a 1 hectare farmland can produce

The following are the factors that determine the number of bags of beans a 1 hectare farmland can produce:

The fertility of the soil

The soil fertility can affect the level of production in your beans farm. If your soil is fertile, you are likely to harvest more bags of beans than a beans farmer whose soil has a poor level of fertility.

You can make your soil fertile by adding compost and manure to your soil. You can also add the right type of fertilizers to your soil to make it fertile. Soil fertility is important in beans farming.

Variety of Beans Planted

The type of beans seeds planted can determine the number of bags of beans you can harvest from your beans farm. Some varieties of beans are more tolerant to pests and diseases, these types of beans seeds can produce more bags of beans.

Crawling beans varieties have also shown to be higher yielding than the erect types of beans in Nigeria.

Water and Irrigation

The availability of water is a factor that can determine the number of bags of beans a farmer can harvest from his farm. Water is necessary for beans farming. Without water, you may get zero yield from your beans farm.

Beans farmers that use irrigation for growing their crop may harvest a significantly higher number of bags of beans that farmers who rely solely on the rains.

Pests and Diseases

The level of pests and diseases in your beans farm can impact the number of bags of beans your farm can produce. Beans attract a lot of insects. Insects transmit diseases to plants.

Pesticides should be used for pests and diseases’ management in beans farming.


The intensity of weeds can affect the number of bags of beans that can be harvested from a farm. Weeds can reduce the yield of a crop by as much as 90%.

Selective herbicides for beans should be used to manage weeds. Weeds can also be removed by hand.

Poor Agricultural Practices

To get a good yield from beans farming, Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) should be implemented.

If poor agronomic agricultural practices are implemented, the number of bags of beans to be harvested from a beans farm may be low.

How many bags of beans does your farm produce? Kindly share the answer in the comments’ section.

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