How to Buffer Coco Peat

October 18, 2021

If you have had problems growing your vegetables seedlings with coco peat, chances are that you have used unbuffered coco peat.

Most of the coco peat sold in Nigeria are unbuffered, though, the sellers mostly lie to unsuspecting buyers that they are buffered.

Coco peat that are not buffered often have a high EC and also high content of potassium and sodium. The high content of potassium and sodium in the coco peat can be detrimental to your seedlings.

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How Can I Buffer Coco Peat

Buffering coco peat means the displacement of excess sodium and potassium with the use of calcium and magnesium.

The first step in buffering coco peat is to wash the coco peat. You need to saturate the coco peat with water; this will ensure the removal of excess salt in the coco peat.

The next step is to add a fertilizer with calcium and magnesium to the coco peat. The best option is the addition of soluble calcium magnesium fertilizer (CALMAG) to the coco peat. The calcium will take the place of potassium and sodium in the complex and make nutrients available to the plant roots.

During buffering, ions are exchanged and the excess sodium and potassium in the coco peat is removed.

Washing of Coco Peat

Washing can also be done before the buffering of the coco peat.

Most unwashed and unbuffered coco peats have high ECs. The coco peat has to be washed down to a level of less than 1.0ms/cm in a 1:1.5 dilution.

What is Coco Peat?

Coco peat is a material made from the husk of coconut. Coco peat contains fibre which is usually used as substrates for the growing of plants.

Coco peat can also be used for the production of textile, litters, mats and mattresses etc.

Coco peat is one of the most popular growing media for the production of vegetables’ seedlings.

Advantages of Using Coco Peat

It has a good water to air ratio. This ensures that the substrate will not be deprived of oxygen or get saturated by water.

It is a stable material and can be used for the production of all types of seedlings.

Coco peat is an 100% organic material.

Coco peat comes in blocks which make them easy to transport.

Coco peat ensures a sterile environment for the production of seedlings

Disadvantage of Using Coco Peat

It is a bit expensive, though a better growing experience will compensate for the high cost.

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What is coco peat and how is it used in Nigeria?

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