How to Germinate Tomato Seeds

June 9, 2023

Germinating tomato seeds can be an interesting thing to do. Tomato seeds are not too difficult to germinate.

Tomato seeds may need to be germinated in a separate place before transplantation of the seedlings due to various reasons.

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Steps to take to germinate tomato seeds

The following steps have to be taken to germinate tomato seeds:

Buy the tomato seeds and other inputs needed

You need to buy the tomato seed if you intend to germinate and grow them into tomato plants. Other inputs needed for tomato germination include nursery tray, wetting can, growing medium like coco peat and plastic wraps etc.

Put the growing medium in the nursery tray or pots

The next step is to prepare the growing medium like potting soil or coco peat. Put this growing medium in the nursery tray or small pots in readiness for the planting of tomato seeds. Water should be sprayed to the coco peat so that it will be wet before you plant the tomato seeds in it.

Plant the seeds

To plant the tomato seeds in the coco peat in the nursery tray, you need to use your fingers to gently create holes where the tomato seeds will be buried.

Water the Tomato Seeds

After planting the tomato seeds, the next step is for you to wet the seeds the water. Wetting with water will ensure that the seeds will germinate. Excessive wetting can increase the risk of fungal diseases.

Provide Warmth

In tropical countries like Nigeria, warmth is not needed as the environment is naturally warm. In temperate climes, seeds should be germinated in places with temperature of at least 21 Celsius. You may need to use a heated greenhouse.

Cover the nursery tray

You may need to cover the nursery tray with plastic wrap in order to create a humid environment which will aid the germination of the seeds. The plastic wrap should be removed immediately there is a sign of germination. The plastic wrap should also not be placed on the nursery tray tightly as this may impede air circulation.

Provide Light

Plants need light for photosynthesis. In temperate regions where natural lighting may be a challenge, you will need to provide lighting for the germination of the tomato seeds.

Wet regularly

Continue to wet the seeds regularly. You must ensure that the growing medium is moist every time but it should not be water logged.


You need to keep monitoring until the seeds sprout after 3 – 5 days. You also need to monitor for insects, other pests and diseases.

Remove the Plastic Wrap

Immediately you notice the sign of germination, you need to remove the plastic cover. Failure to remove the plastic wrap can lead to the death of the newly emerged seedlings.


Transplantation of the tomato seedlings should be done after a few weeks. Care should be exercised during transplantation so that the seedlings will not be damaged. Transplantation should also be done in the morning or evening when the intensity of the sun is low.

How do you germinate your tomato seeds? Please share your responses with us in the comments’ section.

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