How to Increase the Yield of Watermelon Crop

April 2, 2022

Watermelon is a popular crop among farmers in Nigeria. It can also be a high yielding crop if good agronomic practices are practiced.

However, a lot of watermelon farmers in Nigeria record low yields due to the implementation of poor agricultural practices.

watermelon farming in nigeria

How to Boost your Watermelon Plants’ Yield

The following are the strategies you can use to increase the yield of your watermelon plant:

Skills: One of the main reasons of getting low yields in watermelon farming is the lack of skills on the part of farmers. Most of the farmers we have met cultivate watermelon using poor agronomic practices and outdated strategies.

You need to acquire skills that will enable you to implement good agricultural practices.

Financing: Cash is king, this is a popular saying. Without adequate capital or cash, you may not get that expected high yield from your watermelon farm.

You need to do a budget before you start your watermelon farm and seek for enough capital to finance the budget. Cutting cost will lead to poor yield.

Farmland: Using a farmland that is rich in nutrients is very important for a good run in watermelon farming. If your farmland has a poor soil, you need to amend the soil with manure and fertilizers.

Soil and Water Analysis: It is very sad that a significant percentage of farmers we have met in Nigeria do not do any soil and water analysis before they start cultivating on their farmland.

You need to conduct a soil test on your soil samples in order to know the types of fertilizers, manures and pesticides to apply on your soil.

Right Workers: To have a good yield in your watermelon farm, you need to engage workers with the right sets of attitudes and skills. Never engage workers who do not have the technical competence required for watermelon farming.

Most of the farm hands used in Nigeria are from the Republic of Benin and the northern part of Nigeria.

Preparation of your soil: A well tilled and loosed soil is necessary in watermelon farming. Removal of trees and stumps, ploughing, harrowing and ridging should be done. A well prepared soil can lead to higher yield in watermelon farming.

Use drip irrigation: Drip irrigation is the most efficient type of irrigation in Nigeria. It allows the passing of water to the base of the plants in trickles. Drip irrigation can increase the yield of watermelon. Drip irrigation can also reduce the need for labour and fertilizers.

Fertilisers, pesticides and other inputs: The right quantity and dose of fertilizers and pesticides should be used in watermelon farming. Using the right doses of inputs can help in increasing the yield in watermelon farming.

Crop Management: Management is key in farming. There should be strict policy and plans for the management of crops in watermelon farming. There should be daily visits and daily scouting of pests and diseases in the farm.

Harvesting: Matured watermelon should be harvested on time. If you do not harvest the matured watermelons on time, new ones may not emerge. This can lead to a dip in yield.

Do you grow watermelon and you have a low yield? If yes, why not contact us and let’s talk about how we can help you to increase your yield.

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