How to Make Coco Peat at Home

October 18, 2021

Coco peat is unarguably the most commonly used planting substrate in Nigeria. A lot of farmers in Nigeria now use coco peat for the growing of vegetables’ seedlings. Though most coco peats are bought from the sellers, they can also be made at home.

Do you know that you can make your own coco peat at home? Though, it may be more convenient and cost effective for you to buy coco peats that are already made in blocks.

coco peat in nigeria

Simple way of making coco peat at home

The following steps should be done to make coco peat at home:

Get a knife, cutlass or pliers to remove the layer of the coconut coir from the coconut shell.

Break up the coconut husk. A blender or grinder can be used for this task.

Use the blender or grinder to cut the husk into finer materials or particles.

Remove the part of the coco fibre that do not grind or mix well.

Pour water into the grinded coco fibre.

Use a mixer to mix the solution with coco fibre well

Tools needed for the production of coco peat at home

The following are the tools needed for the production of coco peat at home:

  • Cutlass
  • Knife
  • Pliers
  • Blender or Grinder
  • Sieve
  • Mixer

With the above tools, coco peat can be easily made at home.

What is Coco Peat?

Coco peat is a material made from the peel of coconut or coconut husk. Coco peat is the fibre removed from coconut husk which is used as substrate for the cultivation of plants.

Coco peat is very common in nursery preparation. It is not uncommon to see the use of coco peat for the raising of vegetables’ seedlings.

Coco peat can also be used for the manufacturing of mats, animal litters, textile and mattresses etc.

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