How to Plant Cucumber Seeds in Pot

June 7, 2023

Planting cucumber seeds in pots can be a great and unique way of growing cucumbers in a small space. Planting cucumber seeds in pots is common in urban areas where people do not have large spaces.

Cucumbers can grow well in pots, even better than when grown in soils in farmlands.

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Steps to take to plant cucumber seeds in pots

The following are the steps to take to plant cucumber seeds in pots:

Choose the right pot

The pot to be used for the planting of cucumber seeds should be 12 – 16 inches deep. Cucumber plants often have deep and wide roots, small pots will not allow the roots to spread well, this can negatively impact the cucumber plants.

Choose the growing medium

You must choose the right growing medium for planting the cucumber seeds. Coco peat, soil, manure and perlite etc are some of the growing media that can be used for the planting of cucumber seeds.

Soak the cucumber seeds

Soaking cucumber seeds enable them to sprout easily. Soaking seeds can break seed dormancy and improve seed germination.

Plant the cucumber seeds

After soaking the cucumber seeds, the next step is to plant or sow the cucumber seeds. The seeds should be sown in holes of 1 inch deep. The seeds should also be planted 5-6 inches apart. One seed should be planted per planting hole.


After sowing the seeds, the next step is to water the cucumber seeds. Watering cans can be used for watering the cucumber seeds. Irrigation systems like sprinklers and drip irrigation can also be used for watering.

Provide the right conditions

Ensure that the pots are placed where they will have access to 6-8 hours of sunlight every day. Growing lights can also be used to provide light to the cucumber plants in temperate areas. The pots should also be placed in warm areas, cucumber plants will not grow well in cold climes.


Liquid fertilizers can be used for fertilizing the cucumber plants in the pots. Granule or powder fertilizers too can be used. Manure and compost are some of the organic fertilizers that can be used to fertilize the cucumber plants in the pots.


The cucumber plants will need to be pruned. Pruning can help to prevent pests and diseases. It can also lead to an increase in the cucumber yield.


Cucumbers are usually ready for harvest after 40 – 60 days. Big cucumber fruits should not be left on the cucumber plants as this can reduce the overall yield of the cucumber plant. Sharp knife or shears can be used to harvest the cucumbers from the vines.

Do you plant cucumber seeds in pots? If yes, why not share your experiences with us in the comments’ section.

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