How to Remove Drip Tapes

April 11, 2022

Farmers and gardeners often have various reasons to remove their drip tapes. Some remove their drip tapes at the end of the season while some others may decide to remove their drip tapes and discard them.

There are several ways of removing drip tapes from the farm and garden. This will be discussed in this article.

How to Remove Drip Tapes from the Farm or Garden

The following are some of the ways you can remove drip tapes from your farm:

Manual Removal of Drip Tapes

This involves the use of human labour to remove the drip tapes. For big farms, this can be very tedious.

Labourers would need to remove each line of the drip tapes carefully and roll them up to form a big roll. If the farmer wants to re-use the drip tapes, the people removing the drip tapes must exercise due care and skills. The drip tapes must also be rolled up nicely.

The Use of Tractor Implement

A tractor implement called drip tape roller can be used to remove drip tapes from farms and gardens. This is usually used in big farms where the use of human labour would be too tedious, time wasting and expensive.

The drip tapes roller is usually fitted at the back of the tractor, once the tractor’s engine is switched on with the PTO, the roller starts rolling up the drip tapes.

The drip tapes rollers may make the removed drip tapes unusable.

The Use of Animals

Animals like cows, donkeys and horses can be used for the removal of drip tapes. In this case, the drip tapes are rollers are strapped to the back of the animals; the movement of the animals triggers the drip tape rollers to roll the drip tapes up.

The use of animals to remove drip tapes is not common in Nigeria.

How to remove drip tapes

Why are Drip Tapes Removed from Farms and Gardens?

Drip tapes are removed for the following reasons:

End of Season

Some farmers remove their drip tapes at the end of the season in order to plant crops that do not require the use of drip tapes.

Drip tapes can also be removed at the end of the season to prevent damages to them.

Damaged Drip Tapes

When drip tapes are damaged, they can be removed from the farm. Damaged drip tapes are not good for purpose, hence, it is better if they are removed and replaced.

Relocation of Farmland

Drip tapes can be removed and taken to a new place if a farm is relocated.

Removing drip tapes

What is a Drip Tape?

A drip tape is one of the main components of a drip irrigation system. It is a set of hoses or plastic pipes with pre-installed emitters. The emitters are usually spaced at equal distances on the drip tapes.

The drip tapes come in different sizes. Some drip tapes come in 1500 metres rolls, 2000 metres rolls and 1000 metres rolls etc.

Have you ever removed drip tapes from your farm or garden? If yes, why not share your experiences with us in the comments’ section. If you need assistance with the removal of drip tapes on your farm, please contact us through

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