How to Repair a Water Pump?

January 11, 2023

Water pumps often need repairs in order to make them to continue to work optimally. The repairs may be done as a DIY or you may engage a technician to repair the pump for you.

A water pump is a type of machine used for the pumping or supply of water from one place to the other. Water pumps can be used for domestic and industrial water supply, irrigation, flood management and fire suppression etc.

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How to Repair a Water Pump

The following are some of the steps to repair water pumps in Nigeria:

Switch off the water pump

You need to switch off the pump before you attempt to make any repairs on the water pump. The water flowing through the pump should also be cut off.

Remove the bolts and clamps

The bolts, nuts and clamps on the pump should be removed on order to see the damaged parts or to see what is wrong with the pump.

Remove the pump motor from the cabin or housing

The next step is to remove the motor of the pump from its housing or cabin. This should be done in order to examine the engine of the water pump.

Check the impeller of the pump

The impeller is the rotating part of the water pump. After removing the engine from the housing, you need to examine the impeller of the pump.

Check the seal and gasket for leaks

You also need to check the water pump’s seals and gaskets for any leakages. Leakages in the seals and gaskets can make the water pump malfunction.

Check the electricals of the pump

You also need to check the electricals, capacitor and the wirings of the pump to see if power is flowing through the water pump.

Reassemble the parts of the water pump

After all the above steps have been taken, you need to reassemble the parts of the water pump.

Test the water pump

After reassembling the parts of the water pump, you need to test the water pump and be sure that the repairs you made are effective.

Tools needed to repair a water pump

The following are the tools needed to repair a water pump:


The pliers are used to grip objects on the pump and turn them to loosen them.


Screwdrivers are used to loosen and tighten screws.

Impeller Puller

The impeller puller is used to pull and remove the impeller from the water pump.


The saw is used to cut pipes or other objects in the pump.


The wrench is also used to remove or tighten bolts and fittings in the pump.

Voltage Tester

The voltage tester is used to test the electricity or power flowing through the pump.

You may need to engage a technician if you cannot repair your water pump yourself.

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