How to Select Drip Tape to Buy

May 16, 2022

You need to consider some factors before selecting the type of drip tapes to buy in Nigeria. A drip tape is one of the main accessories of a drip irrigation system.

The drip tape has emitters that drip water to the root zones of plants.

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What to Look for When Selecting a Drip Tape to Buy

The following are some of the factors to consider before buying a drip tape in Nigeria:

The Emitter Spacing of the Drip Tape

You need to check the emitter spacing of the drip tape before buying it. There are different types of drip tapes categorized by the emitter spacing, these are 20cm emitter spaced drip tapes, 30cm emitter spaced drip tapes, 40cm emitter spaced drip tapes, 50cm emitter spaced drip tapes and 60cm emitter spaced drip tapes etc.

The Water Emission Rate of the Drip Tape

Drip tapes come with different types of emitters. Some emitters can emit 3 litres of water per hour, some can emit 2 litres of water per hour while others can emit as low as 0.5 litre of water per hour. You need to know your plants’ water requirement before selecting a drip tape to buy.

Drip tapes with higher water discharge rate have a lesser chance of getting clogged.

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Pressure Compensating Capability

You should also look at the pressure compensating capability of a drip tape before buying. If your farland is undulating and the topography is uneven, you should only buy drip tapes with pressure compensating capability.

For flat land, non-pressure compensating drip tapes can be used.

Does the drip tape have UV treatment?

A farmer should insist on buying drip tapes that are resistant to ultra violet rays. If you buy the type that has no UV treatment, it will get bad within a few weeks or months. Now, the problem, how will you know the drip tapes that are resistant to ultra violet rays? Most of the unscrupulous dealers will lie to you that their kits are resistant to UV rays. It is always better to buy from credible suppliers like Veggie Concept.

Price of the drip tape

What is the price of the drip tape you want to buy? Does it look ridiculously cheap? If yes, you are likely buying a sub-standard drip tape. Do not be enticed by the cheap price, you are likely to regret your actions later if you buy that incredibly cheap drip tapes. The unscrupulous irrigation equipment dealers in Nigeria know that the average Nigerian likes cheap things; he uses this knowledge to import sub-standard irrigation materials and sell to people at cheap prices. If you buy these low quality cheap drip tapes, within weeks, you will come back to buy the quality type. Is this not ‘penny wise pound foolish’?

Thickness of the drip tape

This is one of the funniest questions I have had a lot of buyers ask? That a drip irrigation tape or tube is thick does not mean that it will last long. As a matter of fact, some very thick drip irrigation tapes or tubes brittle and get bad within weeks after installation. Do not be deceived by sellers saying their drip irrigation tapes are thick and of high quality. I have seen a 0.2mm thick drip irrigation tape that lasted several years. I have also seen a 0.4mm thick drip irrigation tape that lasted just 8 weeks after installation. Please be advised.

Length of the drip tape

Drip tapes come in rolls of 500 metres, 1,000 metres, 1,500 metres, 2,000 metres and 2,300 metres etc. You need to know the size of your farmland so that you can determine the length of drip tapes you need.

Quality of the drip tape

Just an advice, you cannot know the quality of a drip irrigation tape by just touching seeing or feeling it. You can see two very similar drip tapes but the quality may be different. To avoid falling prey to the unscrupulous irrigation dealers, just avoid very cheap systems and buy from reputable dealers like Veggie Concept. High quality drip tapes can be reused.

Do you need guidance on the selection of drip tapes? If yes, kindly contact us on 08025141924.

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