How to Use Coco Peat for the Production of Seedlings

October 18, 2021

Coco peat is a growing medium made from the husk of coconut. Coco peat contains fibre which is usually used as substrates for the growing of plants.

Coco peat is popular among farmers. It is usually used for the raising of seedlings in sterile environments. In Nigeria, a lot of farmers have embraced the use of coco peat because of its advantages over the use of soil for nursery.

This article explains how to use coco peat for the production of seedlings.

coco peat in nigeria

How to Use Coco Peat for Raising of Seedlings in Nurseries

The following are the steps you need to take in order to use coco peat for the production of seedlings:

Buy your coco peat from a reputable dealer like Veggie Concept. You should be very careful when buying coco peat in Nigeria. A lot of coco peat dealers in Nigeria sell coco peat mixed with other materials. If you buy this type of peat, it will not be good for purpose.

Cover the soil or floor with a plain paper of polythene material. This is done to cover the soil or the floor. It prevents contamination of the coco peat.

Break the coco peat block into fine particles. All the crumbs should be broken down until it forms a near fine powder.

Put the broken coco peat into the nursery or seedlings trays. Ensure you fill up each hole in the seedlings trays.

Saturate the seedlings trays with water. This is done to wash out the excess salt in the coco peat. A lot of the coco peat blocks in Nigeria are unwashed and unbuffered. Even, if the dealer tells you that the coco peat is buffered, its better you wash the coco peat yourself.

Add a solution of calcium magnesium nitrate to the coco peat. Just mix calcium magnesium nitrate in water and pour on the coco peat.

Put one seed of vegetable seed in every hole of the seedling trays. Gentle dip the seed into the coco peat, ensure that the seeds are not exposed to sunlight.

Wet the coco peat daily and ensure that the coco peat does not get very dry at any point in time.

Continue to wet the coco peat and the seedlings until you transplant the seedlings.

Please note that you have to harden the seedlings before transplanting.

Please note that the coco peat has little or no nutrients. You have to fertilize the substrate by using foliar fertilizers.

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