How to Use NPK 12:12:17 Fertilizer for Oil Palm

August 19, 2023

NPK 12:12:12 fertilizer is a type of balanced fertilizer with 12% nitrogen content, 12% phosphorus content and 17% potassium content. NPK 12:12:17 is one of the most favoured NPK fertilizers for oil palm.

The NPK 12:12:17 fertilizer ensures that oil palm trees get the needed nutrients they need to achieve optimal growth. The nitrogen ensures the health of the leaves of the oil palm, the phosphorus enhance the growth of the roots while the potassium enhances the production of palm fruits.

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Steps to take to use NPK 12:12:17 fertilizer for oil palm

The following are the steps to take to apply NPK 12:12:17 fertilizer to oil palm:

Assess Soil and Plant Needs

Before using NPK 12:12:17 fertilizer for your oil palm trees, you need to conduct a soil test so that you can assess the nutrient needs of your oil palm crop. The oil palm crop generally needs more potassium during the fruiting stage.

Assess the volume of fertilizer needed

After conducting the soil test, you need to calculate the volume of NPK 12:12:17 fertilizer needed for each crop. The application rate of the NPK 12:12:17 fertilizer will depend on the age of each tree.

Split the fertilizer into smaller doses

The best method of application of the NPK 12:12:17 fertilizer is to split it into smaller doses. The NPK 12:12:17 fertilizer should be applied to the oil palm tree every week or every month. It can also be fertigated and applied through the drip irrigation lines intermittently.

Application of the NPK 12:12:17 Fertilizer

The NPK 12:12:17 fertilizer can be be applied through the broadcasting method, top-dressing, side dressing and Fertigation. In Nigeria, the most popular method of fertilizer application is through side dressing. The Fertigation method is the most effective and efficient.

Monitor and Adjust

Regularly monitor the growth and health of the oil palm trees. If you notice any signs of nutrient deficiency or excess, such as yellowing leaves or stunted growth, consider adjusting the fertilizer application rates. Always follow local agricultural guidelines and recommendations.


It is advised that you water the crop after the application of fertilizer. Fertilizer is taken up by the crop after water is applied to it. Water is used to dissolve the granule NPK 12:12:17 fertilizer.

Record Keeping

Maintain records of fertilizer applications, including dates, rates, and any observations about tree health and growth. This information will help you track the effectiveness of your fertilizer program over time.

Safety Precautions

When handling fertilizers, follow safety guidelines to protect yourself and the environment. Wear appropriate protective clothing, avoid inhaling dust, and wash your hands thoroughly after application.

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