How to use NPK Fertilizer as a Foliar Fertilizer

May 8, 2023

NPK fertilizer is one of the most important types of fertilizers for the cultivation of crops in Nigeria.

NPK fertilizers are fertilizers that supply the three macro-nutrients of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus to plants. Some types of NPK fertilizers include NPK 15:15:15, NPK 12:12:17 and NPK 20:10:10 fertilizer etc.

NPK fertilizer can be used as a foliar fertilizer. To use NPK fertilizer as a foliar fertilizer, you must dissolve the fertilizer in water and spray to the leaves and surfaces of the crop through sprayers.

Steps to use NPK as a foliar fertilizer

NPK fertilizers

The following are the steps to take to use NPK as a foliar fertilizer:

Mix the NPK

You need to dissolve the NPK granules or powder in water. The usual concentration of the NPK in water is 1%-2%. It is always better if you follow the instructions of the manufacturer of the NPK fertilizer.

Please note the composition of the nutrients in the NPK fertilizer so that you can know the concentration rate in water.

Test the mixture

After dissolving the NPK in water, you need to test the fertilizer solution in a small area. This is to ensure that the fertilizer solution will not burn or damage the plants. The chance of plants’ burning is very low if the concentration of NPK fertilizer in water does not exceed 2%.

Spray the mixture

After testing the fertilizer solution, you need to get a sprayer to spray the fertilizer solution to the leaves and surfaces of the plants. A knapsack sprayer or a motorized sprayer can be used to spray the NPK solution to plants.

Spraying of the fertilizer solution should be done in the morning when the intensity of the sun is low or in the late evening.

Repeat application

Repeat the application after 1-2 weeks to ensure that the plant gets enough NPK. Plants use NPK faster when foliar applied unlike soil based application which takes time.

About NPK Fertilizers

NPK fertilizers are fertilizers that comprise of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. Some NPK fertilizers have micronutrients like sulphur, boron and magnesium etc.

The following are the chemical properties of NPK 15:15:15 fertilizer:

  • Nitrogen content: 15%
  • Potassium content: 15%
  • Phosphorus content: 15%
  • Moisture: 0.1%

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