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May 6, 2021

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Hybrid cucumber seeds are cucumber seeds produced through the pollination of two varieties of cucumber seeds. The pollination of two cucumber varieties often lead to a variety or hybrid seed with better characteristics and traits.

There are a lot of hybrid cucumber seeds in Nigeria. These hybrid cucumber varieties are often times produced by foreign firms.

The most popular hybrid cucumber seeds producers in Nigeria are East West Seeds, Technisem Seeds and Syngenta.

East West Hybrid Cucumber Seeds (East West Seeds Cucumber varieties)

East West hybrid cucumber seeds are very popular in Nigeria because of their high yield capacity and other good traits.

East West Seeds Company is one of the most popular seeds breeders in the world. Their hybrid seeds are very common to see and buy in Nigeria.

Some of the East West hybrid cucumber seeds sold in Nigeria are:

Greengo F1 Hybrid Cucumber Seed

hybrid cucumber seeds in nigeria

Greengo F1 cucumber variety is one of the most accepted hybrid cucumber variety in Nigeria. This variety has a deep green fruit colour which many Nigerians love.

It also has resistances to a lot of pests and diseases like powdery mildew, scab and some viral diseases. Greengo F1 has a very high yield, mostly 100 – 200% more that open pollinated cucumber varieties’ yields.

Greengo F1 variety produces more of female flowers than male flowers. Its maturity time can be as short as 40 days in tropical areas. It is loved by a lot of farmers involved in the cultivation of cucumbers.

Monalisa F1 Hybrid Cucumber Seed

Monalisa F1 cucumber seed is another variety of hybrid cucumber seeds from East West Seeds Company.  Just like Greengo F1 variety, it has a resistances and tolerance to pests and diseases like powdery mildew and some viral infections.

Monalisa F1 is monoecious, it produces a lot of male flowers before it produces the female flowers. It is not as high yielding as Greengo F1 seeds, though the price of Monalisa F1 hybrid cucumber seeds is cheaper than Greengo’s.

The maturity time of Monalisa F1 cucumber variety is 45 – 50 days. Its fruits are deep green colour which is favoured by Nigerian consumers of cucumbers.

Saira F1 Cucumber Seed

This is a hybrid cucumber variety bred by East West Seeds. Its fruits are not as deep green as Greengo and Monalisa varieties.

Saira F1 variety has a better yield than Greengo F1 and Monalisa F1, however, the light green colour is not well accepted in most parts of Nigeria.

Saira F1 hybrid cucumber seed is resistant to a number of diseases and pests. Its fruits when matured can measure up to 29cm in length.

Saira F1 variety is also stress tolerant.

Technisem Hybrid Cucumber Seeds (Agritropic)


Technisem Hybrid Cucumber Seeds


Murano F1 (50 grams)

Technisem Hybrid Cucumber Seeds




Techisem Company is based in France. Technisem has a significant share in the hybrid cucumber seeds market in Africa and indeed Nigeria.

Technisem’s hybrid cucumber seeds are known to be high yielding and tolerant to a lot of pests and diseases.

Agritropic is the partner of Technisem Company in Nigeria.

Below are some of Technisem hybrid cucumber seeds in Nigeria:

Murano F1 Hybrid Cucumber Seed

Murano F1 variety is one of the earliest hybrid cucumber seeds in Nigeria. Murano F1 cucumber seeds produce cucumber fruits that are big and deep green.

Murano F1 has tolerances t a lot of pests and diseases. It has a partial resistance to the notorious downy mildew disease that affects a lot of cucumber plants in Nigeria.

Due to the size of Murano F1 cucumber fruits, the yield in tons is usually huge. A lot of Nigerians like the size, deep green colour and shape of Murano cucumbers.

Murano 2 F1 Hybrid Cucumber Seed

Murano 2 F1 hybrid cucumber seed is an improvement on Murano F1 cucumber seed. It has almost same traits and characteristics with Murano F1 seed.

Murano 2 F1 variety has a very high yield; its fruits are also deep green in colour.

Akito F1 Hybrid Cucumber Seed

Akito F1 cucumber variety is a fairly new cucumber variety produced by Technisem.

Akito F1 hybrid cucumber variety was introduced into the Nigerian market few years ago. It has deep green colour fruits and also resistant to some pests and diseases.

Tokyo F1 Hybrid Cucumber Seed

Tokyo F1 cucumber variety has very similar traits with Murano F1 variety.

It is very difficult to differentiate between Murano cucumber fruits and Tokyo cucumber fruits as they have same shape, size and colour.

Others are Nagano F1 cucumber seeds and Murano seeds.

Seminis/Mosanto Hybrid Cucumber Seeds or Varieties

Seminis is one of the largest seed breeders in Nigeria. The seeds bred by Seminis are sold in almost all the countries of the world.

Darina F1 Hybrid Cucumber Seed

hybrid darina cucumber seeds

Darina F1 is unarguably the most popular hybrid cucumber variety in Nigeria. This is due to the fact that it has a very high yield. The colour, size and shape of Darina F1 cucumber fruits appeal to cucumber buyers in Nigeria.

The maturity time of Darina F1 cucumber variety is 39 – 45 days. The short maturity time of Darina F1 is a great attraction to those who cultivate it in Nigeria.

Darina F1 variety is also pathernocarpic, this means that it produces predominantly female flowers. It does not need bees for pollination.

Other Hybrid Cucumber Seeds

Jorad Cucumber Seed

Jorad F1 cucumber seed is a new hybrid cucumber seed in Nigeria. Nigerian cucumber farmers are getting interested in this seed.

Jorad cucumber variety has a high yield and also good tolerances to a number of diseases and pests.

Its maturity is 45 – 50 days. The cucumber fruits of Jorad F1 variety are deep green in colour.

Premier Seeds Company has some hybrid seeds too.

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Price of Hybrid Cucumber Seeds in Nigeria

The price of hybrid cucumber seeds varies in Nigeria. The price of Greengo F1 seeds for example is higher than the price of Monalisa F1 cucumber seeds.

A 50 grams can of Murano F1 is sold for between N16,000 – N19,000 depending on the dealer. A 50 grams of Tokyo F1 cucumber seeds can also go for between N15,500 and N18,900.

Advantages of Planting Hybrid Cucumber Seeds

The following are the advantages of planting hybrid cucumber seeds in Nigeria:

  • Hybrid seeds of cucumber often have higher yield than open pollinated seeds.
  • Hybrid seeds of cucumbers are also resistant to a lot of diseases and pests.
  • They often have shorter maturity time than open pollinated varieties.
  • They are also better than open pollinated varieties in stress management.

Where to buy hybrid cucumber seeds in Nigeria

We sell all varieties of hybrid cucumber seeds in Nigeria.

You can contact Veggie Concept through sales@veggieconcept.ng or call us on 08025141924 for all enquiries and orders of hybrid cucumber seeds.

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