Hybrid Okra Seed in Nigeria

October 12, 2022

Hybrid okra seeds are types of okra seeds that are bred to produce a high yield and also bred to resist some pests and diseases.

The hybrid okra seeds are known to have higher yields than the open pollinated okra seeds. Hybrid okra seeds in Nigeria resist diseases and pests open pollinated okro seeds do not resist.

Like all hybrid seeds, hybrid okro seeds should not be replanted, if replanted, they will not produce high yields and they may also not resist pests and diseases well.

The prices of hybrid okra seeds are also usually higher than the price of open pollinated okra seeds. The use of hybrid okra seeds can go a long way in making your okra farming venture successful.

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Hybrid Okra Seeds in Nigeria

The following are the hybrid okro seeds in Nigeria:

Maha F1 Okro Variety

Maha F1 okro variety is a hybrid okra seed variety from East West Seeds. It is high yielding. It can yield up to 10 tons of okra per acre.

Maha F1 hybrid okro seeds produce okra plants with large leaves. It has a high okro pods producing capability. Maha F1 is resistant to the mosaic virus and other viral diseases that affect okra plants.

Maha F1 has a maturity time of 55 – 60 days.

Kirikou F1 Hybrid Okro Seeds

Kirikou F1 is a type of hybrid okro seeds. Technisem is the breeder of Kirikou hybrid okra seeds. Kirikou F1 is notable for its high yield and pests and diseases resistance.

Kirikou F1 produces short okro pods. Short okro pods are favoured by okro consumers in Nigeria. This variety has a good market acceptance in the Nigerian market.

Kirikou F1 has a maturity time of 55 – 60 days.

Yeleen Improved Okra Seeds

Though Yeleen okra seeds variety is not hybrid in nature, it is an improved okra seeds variety. Yeleen okra seeds produce like hybrid okra seeds. It is also resistant to some pests and diseases.

Yeleen okro seeds produce short okro pods that are well accepted in the Nigerian market.

Yeleen okro variety has a maturity time of 60 – 70 days.

Price of Hybrid Okra Seeds in Nigeria

The price of hybrid okra seeds varies in Nigeria. The price of MAHA F1 hybrid okra seeds for example is higher than the price of Yeleen okra seeds.

The price of a pack of Maha F1 hybrid okro seeds in Nigeria varies from N9,000 – N11,000

Advantages of Planting Hybrid Okra Seeds

The following are the advantages of planting hybrid okra seeds in Nigeria:

  • Hybrid okra seeds produces higher yield than open pollinated okra seeds.
  • Hybrid okro seeds are also resistant to a lot of diseases and pests.
  • Hybrid okra seeds have shorter maturity time than open pollinated okra varieties.
  • Hybrid okro seeds are also better than open pollinated varieties in stress management.

Where to buy hybrid okra seeds in Nigeria

We sell all varieties of hybrid okra seeds in Nigeria.

You can contact Veggie Concept through sales@veggieconcept.ng or call us on 08025141924 for all enquiries and orders of hybrid okra seeds.

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