Optimize your Crop Yield with Irrigation

Our irrigation systems (drip irrigation, centre pivot, rain guns, Sumisansui system and spray tubes etc.) can be used to irrigate your crops all year round.

Our irrigation systems can enhance your yield by optimizing plants' growth.

With our irrigation systems, you can grow your crops in the dry season.

Irrigation Systems

  • Drip Irrigation
  • Rain Guns/Sprinklers
  • Spray Tubes
  • Centre Pivots etc.

irrigation is our business

Veggie Concept

Veggie Concept is one of the largest irrigation and farm technology firms in Nigeria. Year to date, we have irrigated over 20,000 hectares of farmland for our customers. Our clients include multinationals and over 10,000 farmers in Nigeria. We also have customers in the Republic of Benin, Niger, Chad, Cameroun and Ghana..

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  • One Acre Kit
  • Highly Water Efficient
  • Suitable for crops like tomato, cucumber and cocoa etc.
  • Call 08066437109 to buy or visit any of our stores.

Our Irrigation Systems

Drip Irrigation System

We stock all types of drip irrigation system. We can design and install a drip irrigation system on your farmland. This irrigation system is one of the most efficient irrigation systems in the world.

5 Acre Drip Irrigation System
Rain Guns and Sprinklers

We have various types of rain guns and sprinklers. Talk to us if you want rain guns for your farm. Our rain guns can effectively serve your irrigation needs.

rain gun in nigeria
Spray Tubes/Rain Hoses

Our spray tubes/rain hoses work like natural rain fall. The spray tubes are sprinkler like hoses that can be used to spray water droplets to plants. Contact us if you need this tubes.

spray tube irrigation in nigeria

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You're in good company

I was able to increase the yield of my tomato farm from 11 tons per hectare to 50 tons per hectare, thanks to Veggie Concept that introduced drip irrigation, fertigation and precision farming to me.

Garba // Farmer

Veggie Concept designed and installed a Sumisansui/Rain Hose irrigation system for our oil palm nursery. We were able to raise 50,000 oil palm seedlings with huge success because of the irrigation system we used. 

Segun // Agronomist

I work with a multinational with 20,000 hectares of farmland. Veggie Concept supplied us with irrigation materials for our 1,500 hectare tomato and soybeans farm. The irrigation system has enabled us to farm all year round.

Uche // Farm Manager

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Speak to us on 08066437109 if you need advice on the appropriate irrigation system suitable for your farm.


How can we contact you?

You can call us on 08066437109, you can also send an email to sales@veggieconcept.ng. Our offices are at Lagos Office: 2, Godwin Omonua street, Isolo, Lagos. Ibadan Office: 23, Oba Adebimpe road, Dugbe, Ibadan. Jos Office: Building Materials Market, Jos South, Jos, Plateau State.

How much is your irrigation system?

The cost of our irrigation system starts from N100,000 per acre. The cost of the irrigation system suitable for your farm will depend on factors like size of the land, type of crops, source of water and topography of your farmland. Please contact us for more details.

Can you irrigation system be used for all types of crops?

Yes, we have a solution to your irrigation problems. No matter the type of crop you grow, we will find an irrigation solution for you. Just give us a call on 08025141924.

Can you work anywhere in Nigeria?

Yes, we can work anywhere in Nigeria. As a matter of fact, we have customers in the Republic of Benin, Niger, Chad, Cameroun, Togo and Ghana.

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Our Other Products

design and installation of greenhouses

We stock greenhouses of various shapes and sizes. We also stock shade nets and insect nets for greenhouses.

irrigation pumps

We stock all types of pumps. We can supply small petrol pumps, very large diesel pumps, electric pumps and solar pumps.

farm machines and technologies

We supply tractors, palm harvesters, motorised sprayers, earth augers, weeders, milling machines and spraying drones etc.

fertilizers, seeds and pesticides

We can supply all types of fertilizers. We can also blend fertilizers to fit the needs of your plants. We also sell seeds and pesticides.

farm set-up and construction of water reservoirs

If your farm is going to be very big. Please contact us for farm set-up service. We also do land clearing and construction of reservoirs like dams and water harvesting ponds.

solar energy and remote surveillance of farms

We provide solar power systems, solar pumps, solar panels, storage and batteries and remote controlled IP camera for farm surveillance to farmers.


Telephone: 08066437109

Email: sales@veggieconcept.ng

Lagos Office: 2, Godwin Omonua street, Isolo, Lagos, NIgeria. 

Ibadan Office: 23, Oba Adebimpe road, Dugbe, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. 

Jos Office: Building Materials Market, Jos South, Jos, Plateau State.