Locally Made Greenhouse in Nigeria

May 19, 2022

Locally made greenhouses in Nigeria are some of the most affordable types of greenhouses you can get to build or buy in Nigeria.

The use of locally available materials may help you in reducing the cost of building or buying a greenhouse in Nigeria.

Why do people use locally made greenhouse in Nigeria? It is mainly because of the cheap cost of acquisition and the ease of sourcing the materials needed to build the greenhouses.

locally made greenhouse in Nigeria

How to Build Locally Made Greenhouses in Nigeria

The following steps should be taken in order to build a local greenhouse in Nigeria:

Design the Greenhouse

If you intend to have a small greenhouse, you can design it yourself by sketching the design on a paper. However, if the greenhouse is meant to be big and complicated, you may need an architect or engineer to design the greenhouse for you.

Source for materials

You need to source for materials in order to build a locally made greenhouse. These materials may be planks, PVC pipes, polythene cover, bottles which can be used for irrigation, nails and other materials that may be needed.

Planks and timbers may be sourced from the forest; they can also be bought from a local plank market. PVC pipes and other materials may be sourced from markets near you.

Engage Artisans and Technicians

If you cannot build the greenhouse yourself, you can engage artisans and technicians like carpenters, plumbers and tailors etc.

The carpenter can help you to build a locally made greenhouse with timbers and planks. The plumber can build an irrigation system for you with the use of PVC pipes. The tailor can help you to sew or join the polythene cover for covering the top of the greenhouse.

Engage Workers to Manage the Greenhouse

The last step in using a locally made greenhouse in Nigeria is to employ labourers and other workers to operate and manage the greenhouse.

Their work schedule will include preparation of seedlings nursery, sowing of seeds, application of pesticides, application of fertilizers, cleaning the greenhouse and harvesting the crops.

FAQ on Locally Made Greenhouse in Nigeria

1) Question: Will I achieve a good crop yield if I use a locally made greenhouse?

Answer: Yes, you can achieve a good yield if you use a locally made greenhouse. You must ensure that you implement Good Agricultural Practices (GAP).

2) Question: How much will it cost me to build a locally made greenhouse in Nigeria?

Answer: Depending on the size of greenhouse you want to build, you can spend N100,000 – N1 million to build a local greenhouse in Nigeria.

3) Question: What crops can I grow in a locally made greenhouse in Nigeria?

Answer: You can grow any type of crops in a locally made greenhouse. However, crops like tomato, sweet pepper and cucumbers are more profitable to grow.

4) Question: Do I need to engage professionals to build a local greenhouse?

Answer: You can build your greenhouse yourself if you know how to build one. If not, you may need to engage artisans and technicians.

Do you need a locally made greenhouse in Nigeria? If yes, you can contact us on 08025141924.

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