Plantain Spacing – How Far Apart to Plant Plantain

August 13, 2022

The recommended spacing for planting plantain is 3 metres between the plantain rows and 2 metres within the row, that is, 3 metres by 2 metres. 2.5 metres x 2.5 metres can also be used as the spacing for plantain plants.

1 hectare farmland will have 1667 plantain plants if 3 metres by 2 metres spacing is adopted. , A spacing of 2.5 metres x 2.5 metres will make a 1 hectare farmland will have 1,600 plantain plants.

If drip irrigation system is used, the plantain spacing can be tighter; this will allow an ultra-high planting density. With drip irrigation system in place, 2000 – 2,500 plantain plants can be planted on a one hectare farmland.

The climatic zone of your location can also affect the type of plantain spacing you will use. In the humid southern part of Nigeria, you may need to use a wider spacing because of the high incidences of fungal diseases.

Plantain Farming in Nigeria

Factors to consider before choosing plantain farming spacing

The following factors should be considered before choosing your plantain spacing:

The Variety of Plantain

Varieties of plantain with bigger leaves and fruits will need a wider spacing than those with smaller leaves and fruits.

For example, the Agbagba Erin plantain variety produces big leaves and plantain bunches, this variety will need a wider spacing.

The Agro-Climatic Zone of your Area

Plantain farming in humid forest zones of Nigeria like Delta and Ondo will need a wider spacing in order to improve aeration and reduce the risk of fungal infections on plants.

You can use a tighter spacing for your plantain plants in areas that fall in the Savannah belt of Nigeria like Kano and Nasarawa.

Irrigation System

If your plantains are planted under a drip irrigation system, you can use tighter spacing to grow the plants.

If you rely on the rain, you may need to use wider spacing for your plantain plants.

Advantages of using the right spacing for plantain farming

The following are the advantages of using the right spacing for planting plantain:

Enhanced Crop Yield

Using the right plantain spacing can lead to an enhanced crop yield. A plantain plant can produce 50% – 100% more fruits if it is well spaced.

Lesser Incidences of Pests and Diseases

The right spacing can reduce the intensity of pests and diseases on your plantain farm. A poorly spaced plantain farm can be affected with pests and diseases.


Inter-cropping can be possible if your plantain plants are properly spaced. Intercropping can reduce pests and diseases in your plantain farm and also increase the yield of your plantain plants.

About Plantain Farming in Nigeria

Plantain farming is simply the cultivation of plantain. Plantain farming involves the process of planting the plantain suckers till the stage of harvesting and marketing of the plantain produce.

Plantain farming is one of the most profitable farming ventures in Nigeria because of the huge demand of plantains in Nigeria. Most Nigerians if not all consume plantains regularly.

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