Prices of Fertilizers in Nigeria

August 26, 2023

The prices of fertilizers in Nigeria depend on the type of fertilizer, place of purchase, weight of fertilizer and the blend of fertilizer. For example, the price of NPK 15:15:15 fertilizer is ₦24,000 - ₦30,000.

The price of 50kg urea fertilizer is ₦22,000 - ₦26,000. The price of 25kg calcium nitrate fertilizer is ₦30,000 - ₦40,000. The price of 25kg potassium nitrate fertilizer is ₦40,000 - ₦80,000.

The table below shows the prices of fertilizers in Nigeria:

Prices of Fertilizers in Nigeria (₦)

NPK 15:15:15 (50kg) - Indorama


NPK 12:12:17 (50kg) - Indorama


NPK 20:10:10 (50kg) - Indorama


NPK 20:20:20 (50kg) - Indorama


NPK 15:15:15 (50kg) - TAK Agro


NPK 12:12:17 (50kg) - TAK Agro


NPK 20:10:10 (50kg) - TAK Agro


NPK 20:20:20 (50kg) - TAK Agro


NPK 15:15:15 (50kg) - Artal


NPK 12:12:17 (50kg) - Artal


NPK 20:10:10 (50kg) - Artal


NPK 27:13:13 (50kg) - Artal


NPK 20:20:20 (50kg) - Albarka


NPK 15:15:15 (50kg) - Albarka


NPK 15:15:15 (50kg) - Golden


NPK 12:12:17 (50kg) - Golden


NPK 20:10:10 (50kg) - Golden


NPK 27:13:13 (50kg) - Golden


Calcium Nitrate (25kg)


Potassium Nitrate (25kg)


Single Super Phosphate (50kg)


Mono Ammonium Phosphate (25kg)


Mono Potassium Phosphate (25kg)


Chelate (10kg)


Boron (10kg)


Diammonium Phosphate DAP (50kg)


Urea Fertilizer (50kg) - Indorama


Urea Fertilizer (50kg) - Dangote


Urea Fertilizer (50kg) - Notore


Factors affecting the prices of fertilizers in Nigeria

The following are the factors affecting the prices of fertilizers in Nigeria:

Cost of Raw Materials

The cost of raw materials used for the production of fertilizers affect the final retail prices of the fertilizers. Prices of raw materials like phosphate vary globally.

Cost of Power

Fertilizer production requires power or electricity, particularly for processes like ammonia synthesis. Changes in the price of energy like that of natural gas, can impact the overall cost of production and subsequently impact the prices of fertilizers.

Exchange Rates

Nigeria has been battling with exchange rate problems for several years now. This has negatively affected the naira rate against the US dollar rate. The depreciation of the Naira has led to high import prices. This has also increased the prices of fertilizers as some of the raw materials used for the production of fertilizers are imported.

Government Subsidies

Government policies and subsidies can significantly impact fertilizer prices. If the government provides subsidies to farmers or fertilizer manufacturers, it can help keep prices lower. However, changes in subsidy policies can lead to price fluctuations.

Transportation and Distribution Costs

The cost of transporting fertilizers from manufacturing facilities to distribution points and then to retail outlets can affect the final price. Nigeria suffers from problems like high fuel prices, poor road infrastructure, and poor logistics efficiency, these problems add to the prices of fertilizers in Nigeria.

Seasonal Factors

Agricultural cycles and planting seasons can affect demand for fertilizers. Prices might rise before planting seasons due to increased demand.

Do you use fertilizers in Nigeria? If yes, why not share with us the prices of fertilizers in Nigeria in the comments’ section.

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