Solar Pump VS Petrol Pump

June 5, 2024

A solar pump is a type of water pump powered by solar energy. A solar pump can be used for various functions namely:

  • As a pump for irrigation
  • As a pump for domestic and industrial water supply
  • As a dewatering pump
  • As a mining pump
  • As a pump for construction purpose

A complete solar pumping system consists of the pump, solar panels, solar controller, batteries and the inverter. Some solar pumps have some of the accessories assembled into only one accessory.

A petrol pump is a petrol engine water pump used for the transfer of water and other fluids from one location to the other. Petrol pumps are usually small water pumps. Most of the petrol pumps are of small engines.

In Nigeria, a lot of petrol water pumps available are 5-7HP. Some of the popular petrol powered pumps in Nigeria include Tigmax, Sumec and Yamaha pumps.

Kama water pump

Differences between a Solar Pump and a Petrol Pump

The following are some of the differences between a solar pump and a petrol pump:

A solar pump is powered by solar energy. This means that a solar water pump harnesses the energy from sunlight for it to function. The petrol pump is powered by petrol engines. Without petrol, the petrol water pump will not work.

A solar pump does not have a combustion engine while a petrol pump has a combustion engine.

The initial acquisition cost for solar pumps is usually higher than that of a petrol pump.

Solar pumps can only be used where there is abundance of sunlight while petrol water pumps can be used anywhere.

Solar pumps usually come with solar panel while petrol pumps do not need solar panels.

Advantages of Solar Pumps over Petrol Pumps

The following are the advantages of solar pumps over petrol pumps:

Solar pumps are affordable to run unlike petrol pumps. Solar pumps only need sunlight while you have to buy petrol for petrol pumps to work. Petrol pumps can significantly increase cost for its user.

Solar pumps need little or no maintenance, unlike petrol pumps that need to be maintained and serviced intermittently.

Solar pumps are cost effective for irrigation farmers unlike petrol pumps that can significantly increase their costs.

Solar pumps are environment friendly as they produce little or no fume or smoke, unlike petrol pumps that produce fumes that damage the ozone layer and contribute to environmental pollution.

Have you used solar pumps and petrol pumps before? If yes, why not share with us your experiences in the comments’ section.

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