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February 3, 2021

Staking net is a special type of polythene net used for the staking of crops. Staking net is also called trellis net; some people also call it crop support net. With staking net, crawling crops can be held upwards so that they will not touch the soil.

A staking net is usually attached to stakes; these stakes can be made of wood, steel or plastic. It runs from one stake to another. The staking net drops down from a height which makes crawling crop to attach to it and grow upwards.

With trellis nets, crops like cucumbers, pepper and tomato can be made to grow upwards.

Buy Staking net in Nigeria

You can buy staking nets here:

staking net

It can be used for cucumber, tomato and pepper plants etc.


Crops a staking net can be used for

The following crops can be staked with the use of trellis net:

Cucumber: Cucumber is a crawling crop, without staking, this crop can crawl on the soil and get infected. Diseased cucumber plants result to a very low yield. Allowing your cucumber plants to crawl on the soil can also lead to the production of deformed fruits. Staking nets make cucumber plants grow upwards; this often leads to healthy growing plants and increased yield.

Tomato: Tomato plants do really well when staked. There are staking nets used for tomato plants. In greenhouses where indeterminate varieties of tomato are grown, staking nets are very useful in making the plants grow upwards. Staking nets also make it easier for growers to trim their tomato plants for higher yield. Staking nets can also be used in the open field to stake some types of determinate varieties.

Pepper: Staking nets can also be used while growing peppers especially sweet pepper. Some sweet pepper varieties will not do well without being staked. Big fruits on sweet pepper plants can break the plant. With staking nets, the pepper plant will be supported without breaking.

Eggplant: Staking nets can also be used for the staking of egg plants. Staking nets provides support and make egg plants grow upwards.

Types of staking nets in Nigeria

The following are the types of staking nets available in Nigeria:

Cucumber staking net: This is a special type of staking net used only for the staking of cucumber plants. They work well for cucumber plants and make them yield well.

Tomato trellis net: This is a type of trellis net used for the staking of tomato plants. They are specially made to work for tomato plants.

Pepper staking net: This comes like nets and ropes. They are specially used for the staking of pepper plants.

Benefits of using a trellis net in Nigeria

The following are the benefits of using staking nets:

Increase in yield: Staking nets ensure increase in yield in crops. From our survey, cucumber farmers often record 30 – 100% increase in yields in Nigeria if staking nets are used.

Less incidences of diseases: Staking nets prevents plants from crawling on the soil, this can prevent a lot of diseases.

Good quality of fruits: Staking nets prevents fruits of crawling plants from touching the soil. This can go a long way in improving the quality of fruits.

Price of Staking Net in Nigeria

The price of staking nets varies as per the quality. At Veggie Concept, we have cucumber staking nets sold at N2,500 per roll.

Please be careful when buying ridiculously cheap staking nets, most of them are of low quality and will not last long on your farm.

Should you need a staking net in Nigeria, you can contact us through or call us through 08025141924.

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