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October 1, 2020

Tihan insecticide is one of the most effective insecticides sold by Bayer in Nigeria. Tihan insecticide is a type of systemic insecticide that fights parasites on vegetables, cotton and other types of crops.

Tihan is also an Insect Growth Regulator that makes it hard for insects to grow or destroy crops. Tihan as an insect growth regulator and insecticide can easily kill a lot of insects affecting crops in Nigeria.

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tihan insecticide

Very effective for addressing insects' issues



  • Effective as an insecticide
  • Effective on Tuta Absoluta
  • It is of a high quality

The active ingredients in Tihan insecticide are Spirotetramate and Flubendiamide, these active ingredients are from the chemical family of Ketoenole/Acide diamide phtalique.

Tihan insecticide is formulated as dispersible oil which makes it stick better and longer on the surface of leaves and other parts of a plant. This is an advantage as it ensures that the insects and parasites cannot escape the insecticide, which means death to them.

tihan insecticide in nigeria

Mode of Action of Tihan Insecticide in Nigeria

Tihan insecticide acts by contact and ingestion. It prevents lipid biosynthesis after ingestion by insects, when this happens, the insect will eventually die.

Tihan insecticide also acts by opening the calcium canal ryanodine receptors.

Recommendation and Rate of Use of Tihan Insecticide

Vegetable Crops (Tomato, pepper and cucumber etc.): Tihan insecticide can be used to kill Caterpillars, plant louses, Whiteflies, Tuta absoluta and Plutella xyllostella. 0.2 litres to 0.4 litres of Tihan insecticide should be used per hectare. Treatment should commence upon sighting the infestation of insects. This should be followed by 2-3 treatments within 14 days.

Cotton: For this crop, Tihan insecticide can be used for Lepidoptera/plant louse, whitefly and mites. The first application of Tihan on cotton plants should be 35-45 days after sprouting; 2-3 treatments can be done at this stage.

Usage of Tihan Insecticide for Tomato Tuta Absoluta in Nigeria

Tihan insecticide can be used as a preventive pesticide for Tuta Absoluta and other parasites on crops. Tuta Absoluta is a very deadly bug on tomato plants, it van wreck a tomato farm spanning several hectares of farmland within days.

Tomato farmers in Nigeria have lost billions of naira due to the crop damaging effects of Tuta Absoluta. However, tihan insecticide has come as a savior when used with other insecticides and at the right time.

To address tomato Tuta Absoluta in Nigeria, 500ml of tihan insecticide should be used on one hectare of tomato. 50ml of tihan insecticide should be mixed with 15 litres of water and a knapsack sprayer should be used to sprat the tomato plants. The person using the knapsack sprayer should ensure that the insecticide solution touches all the parts of the tomato plants. Patience and diligence in the application of the insecticide is very important.

After two weeks, tihan insecticide should be alternated with thunder insecticide. Thunder insecticide will kill the Tuta Absoluta parasite, white flies and thrips etc.

If your tomato farm is heavily infested, you will need to apply 500ml of tihan insecticide on one hectare of tomato farmland.

Our Experience Using Tihan Insecticide

We used tihan insecticide on our 95 acre farm in Nigeria over a period of 12 months and the issue of insects especially whiteflies during the dry season was effectively addressed.

All the insecticides we used could not control some types of insects on our crops, we tried Bayer’s products and we were satisfied.

We have recommended and sold tihan insecticide to a lot of our customers and they have all given positive feedbacks about tihan insecticide.

How Mallam Yinusa tackled Insects with Tihan Insecticide

Mallam Yinua has grown tomato in Kano for 25 years. He has over 5 hectares of tomatoes and peppers.

In 2017, his tomato farm was infested with Tuta Absoluta, he lost about 90% of his yield. Mallam Yinusa learnt new ways of attacking Tuta Absoluta, thanks to the disaster that befell him.

In 2018, he applied neem oil and black soap to his tomato plants few days after transpanting.

He also applied some biopesticides (microbial innoculants) on his tomato pants, 7 days after transplanting.

At the detection of tuta absoluta infestation, he started using tihan and thunder insecticides. Tihan was used 2-3 times within 14 days of infestation; he alternated tihan insecticide with thunder insecticide after 14 days of using tihan.

Mallam Yinusa was able to tackle the issue of Tuta Absoluta on his tomato farm, he recorded a good yield and smiled to the bank.

You can contact Veggie Concept through sales@veggieconcept.ng or 08025141924 if you need Tihan insecticide or any pesticide.

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