Tomato Spacing – How Far Apart to Plant Tomato

August 19, 2022

Tomato spacing is the distance between your tomato plants. The spacing of your tomato plant can impact things like the incidences of pests and diseases, water usage by the plants and the overall crop yield.

The level of diseases and pest infestation can also be affected with the spacing you use. The ideal tomato spacing in Nigeria is 30 – 60cm intra-plant spacing and 50 – 100cm inter-row spacing.

The type or variety of tomato can also impact the spacing requirement. For example, indeterminate tomato varieties need wider spacing than the determinate varieties.

The wider the spacing, the lesser the risk of diseases and pests infestation.

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Factors to consider before choosing your tomato spacing

The following factors should be considered before choosing your tomato spacing:

The Variety of Tomato

Indeterminate tomato varieties require a wider spacing requirement than the determinate varieties. Tomato varieties with larger fruits and leaves also require a wider space.

Cherry tomato varieties require lesser space than the conventional varieties of tomato.

The Agro-Climatic Zone of your Area

The climatic nature of an area can determine the spacing requirement for tomato plants. In humid areas like Edo and Delta states, you will need a wider space to grow tomato.

In dry and savannah areas like Kano and Kebbi, the space required for planting tomato may be tighter.

The Type of Irrigation System you Use

Drip irrigation enables tomato farmers to increase their plant population by using tighter spacing requirement.

Rain fed tomato farmers often space their tomato plants well because of the lesser volume of water available to them during the planting season.

Advantages of using the right spacing for growing tomato

The following are the advantages of using the right spacing for growing tomato:

High Crop Yield

Using the right tomato spacing can lead to an enhanced crop yield. A tomato plant can produce 50% – 100% more fruits if it is well spaced.

Lesser Incidences of Pests and Diseases

If you use the right spacing for your tomato plants, you are likely to record lesser incidences of pests and diseases.

Using a very tight spacing can increase the risk of pests and diseases in your tomato farm.

Ease of Harvest

If your tomato plants are well spaced, it will be easier for the farmer or gardener to pick the tomatoes when they are ready for harvest.


Inter-cropping can be possible if your tomato plants are properly spaced. Intercropping can reduce pests and diseases in your tomato farm and also increase the yield of your tomato crop.

About Tomato Farming in Nigeria

Tomato farming involves all the activities geared towards the planting of tomato seeds to the last stage of harvesting the matured tomato fruits and marketing them.

Tomato farming in Nigeria is one of the farming businesses that anybody can do to make reasonable profit.

Tomato farming is simply the cultivation of tomatoes with the aim of harvesting the fruits. Almost everybody in the world eats tomatoes, Nigerians are no exception.

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