Types of Palm Harvester in Nigeria

September 5, 2023

A palm harvester is a tool used for the harvesting of palm fruits or the palm fruit bunches. Palm harvesters can also be used to harvest coconuts from coconut trees.

A palm harvester is not only used for the harvesting of palm fruits and coconuts, it can also be used for the pruning of the leaves and branches of palm tress and coconut trees.

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Types of Palm Harvester in Nigeria

The following are the types of oil palm harvester in Nigeria:

Mechanical Harvesters

These are mechanical machines used of the harvesting of palm fruits. They are also called palm harvesters. They are not only used for the harvesting of palm bunches, they are also used for the pruning of oil palm tree branches and leaves.

The mechanical palm harvester is powered by a petrol engine. It has a rope recoil starter. When the rope is pulled, the engine of the palm harvester starts.

There are many brands of palm harvesters in Nigeria, the commonest brand include Stihl palm harvester, Veggie Concept palm harvester and Yamaha palm harvester etc.

Long Pole Harvesters

These are long poles with cutting blades or hooks at the end are used to reach and cut palm fruit bunches from tall palm trees. This method is less labor-intensive than manual harvesting and allows workers to avoid climbing the trees.

Long pole harvesters are commonly used by small scale oil palm farmers in Nigeria. It is a common sight in the oil palm growing communities in Nigeria.

Harvesting Sickles

Harvesting sickles are sickle shaped sharp blades used to remove dead or excess fronds from the palm tree before harvesting. This makes it easier to access and harvest the fruit bunches. The sickles are also used to harvest palm fruits or palm fruit bunches.

Harvesting Comb

A harvesting comb is a tool designed to detach ripe fruit bunches from the tree's stem efficiently. It consists of multiple hooked blades that can be used from the ground or while climbing the tree.

Do you use palm harvester for harvesting your palm fruits? If yes, why not share with us in the comments’ section, the type of palm harvester you use to harvest your palm bunches.

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