Types of Rain Gun

June 16, 2022

The rain gun is a type of sprinkler that sprays droplets of water to crops while it rotates around. The rain gun can be used to irrigate almost all types of crops.

As a type of irrigation equipment, the rain gun can provide water to crops and enable farmers to practice all year round farming.

There are different types of rain gun in Nigeria. The types of rain guns include plastic rain gun, impact run gun, meganet rain gun and alloy rain gun etc.

rain gun in nigeria

Types of Rain Guns in Nigeria

The following are the types of rain gun in Nigeria:

  1. Plastic Rain Gun
  2. Impact Sprinkler
  3. Flamingo Rain Gun
  4. Meganet Rain Gun
  5. Butterfly Sprinklers
  6. Impulse Sprinkler
  7. Alloy and Brass Rain Gun
  8. Metal Rain Gun
  9. Zinc Rain Gun

Plastic Rain Gun

Plastic rain guns are types of rain guns manufactured with plastic materials. They usually rotate and spray droplets of water to crops.

The plastic sprinklers usually have inlet pipe size diameter of half inch to 2 inches. Aside, the use of plastic sprinklers to irrigate crops especially vegetable crops and grasses, they can also be used for the suppression of crops.

Impact Sprinkler

An impact sprinkler or rain gun is a type of rain gun whose sprinkler heads moves in a 360 degree way. Impact sprinklers usually rotate in a complete circular way. They can also be adjusted to rotate in angles of 45, 90 and 180 degrees.

Center pivots usually have a set of impact sprinklers.

Flamingo Rain Gun

The Flamingo rain gun is a type of rain gun that sprays water to plants. This type of rain gun has an inlet pipe size of 1.5 inch.

Meganet Rain Gun

Meganet rain gun is a type of rain gun that is used for disrupting the activities of insects on plants. They spray pressurized insects like whiteflies.

The Meganet sprinkler can also be used to increase the humidity in a greenhouse. One of the functions of this type of sprinkler is for the enhancement of seeds germination.

Butterfly Sprinklers

The butterfly sprinkler is a type of rain gun that has a butterfly shape. It is used for irrigating crops.

The radius of coverage of the Butterfly sprinkler is between 2 metres to 20 metres. The butterfly sprinklers are usually used in small farms like gardens and backyard farms.

Impulse Sprinkler

A plastic impulse sprinkler is a type of rain gun sprinkler whose head rotates after receiving highly pressurized water flow.

The impulse sprinkler can be used for crop irrigation and dust suppression.

Alloy and Brass Rain Gun Sprinkler

Alloy rain gun sprinklers are manufactured with alloy while brass rain guns are made of brass. Alloy rain guns are of high quality to brass rain guns.

The alloy and brass rain guns are used for crop irrigation.

Metal Sprinkler

A metal impulse sprinkler is a type of rain gun made of metal. Metal sprinklers last longer than plastic rain guns.

Zinc Sprinkler

The zinc sprinkler is a type of rain gun made of zinc.

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