What is a Good Size for a Greenhouse?

May 11, 2022

The size of a greenhouse is one of the key considerations a greenhouse farmer or gardener must have in mind while trying to purchase or install a greenhouse on his farm, garden or land.

The size of a greenhouse is measured in Square Metres (SQM). The size of a greenhouse in square metres is the multiplication of the length and width of the greenhouse. This is also known as the area of the greenhouse.

You are likely to hear a greenhouse dealer say that he sells greenhouses in areas or sizes. The sizes are often in square metres.

The length of a greenhouse is the longer side of the greenhouse while the width or breadth is the shorter side of the greenhouse. The greenhouse has two sides named the length and the width.

The good size or ideal size for a greenhouse will depend on some factors. A 240 square meters greenhouse may be a good size for one gardener while a 480 square metre greenhouse may be the ideal size for another farmer.

Greenhouse in NIgeria

Factors to Consider before Choosing a Good Size for a Greenhouse

The following are some of the factors to consider before choosing the good size for a greenhouse:

Size of Land

The size of land will usually determine the size of the greenhouse. If your land is small, it will be better for you to buy a small greenhouse that will fit your land.

For instance, if your land is 500 SQM, it will not be ideal for you to buy a greenhouse that is 550 SQM, it will not fit the land. You should buy a greenhouse that is smaller in size than your available land or space.

The Orientation of the Land or Space

If your available land has a length of 100 metres, it will be wrong for you to buy a greenhouse with a length of 150 metres. The length and width of your greenhouse must be lesser than the length and width of your availale space or land.

The orientation of your space or land matters a lot when determing the good size for a greenhouse.

Climatic Condition

The climate of your location may determine the ideal size of greenhouse you can use for greenhouse planting of crops. If your location is humid, you will ideally need a greenhouse that has a tall height so that there will be good aeration for the plants in the greenhouse.

Type of Crops

Some crops can do well in greenhouses with short height while some can only do well in greenhouses with tall heights.

Tomato and cucumber need greenhouses that are big.

Sizes of Greenhouses

The following are the sizes of greenhouses we stock:

  • 180 Square Metres Greenhouse
  • 240 Square Metres Greenhouse
  • 360 Square Metres Greenhouse
  • 400 Square Metres Greenhouse
  • 500 Square Metres Greenhouse

Should you need another size of greenhouse, please do not hesitate to contact us on 08025141924.

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