What is the shelf life of coco peat in Nigeria, and how should it be stored to maintain its quality?

March 5, 2023

Coco peat also known as coco coir is a byproduct of coconut husk used as a growing medium for the growing of plants. Coco peat can also be used as a soil amendment. Coco peat is the most preferable growing medium for the raising of vegetables’ seedlings in Nigeria.

The shelf life of coco peat varies as per factors like humidity, temperature, storage conditions, moisture content and the quality of the coco peat itself.

Most coco peat products last for at least 2 years. Please note that some poorly produced coco peat may have a shelf life of 6 months. Coco peat may also last more than 2 years if stored properly.

High moisture content in the air can make coco peat clump together, this can make the coco peat useless and not good for purpose. Too much heat can also make the coco peat too dry. To use very dry coco peat, you need to add water to increase the moisture content.

coco peat in nigeria

How coco peat should be stored to maintain its quality

The following should be done to maintain the quality of coco peat:

  • Coco peat should be stored in a container or bag in a room with good aeration. The room where coco peat is stored should have a good ventilation.
  • The humidity in the place where the coco peat is stored must be at an acceptable level.
  • There should be a good pest control mechanism where the coco peat is stored. Some pests may reduce the quality of the coco peat.
  • Any coco peat block with mold or insect attack should be disposed and destroyed far away from where other coco peat blocks are stored.



Coco Peat

Brown, fibrous material derived from coconut husk

Storage Location

It should be stored in a place with good aeration and acceptable level of humidity and temperature.

Storage Container

Coco peat should be stored in a bag or container.


Check for moisture content, mold and insect attack regularly.

Avoid overwatering and ensure the coco peat is dry always.

Break up the coco peat regularly so that compaction can be avoided.

Large particles and unwanted materials should be removed from the coco peat.

Replace the coco peat when it has expended its shelf life.

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