What to look for before buying a cucumber staking net in Nigeria

December 9, 2021

A cucumber staking net is a type of polythene made trellis net used for the staking of cucumber plants. Due to the crawling nature of cucumber plants, cucumber staking nets are perfect for making cucumber plants grow upwards.

Cucumber staking nets do not only enable cucumber plants to grow upwards, they also ensure that the fruits of cucumber plants do not get deformed as a result of the crawling nature of the cucumber plants.

With the use of cucumber staking nets, the yield of cucumber plants can be significantly increased. Upward growing cucumber plants often produce more fruits than crawling cucumber plants.

Cucumber staking nets also prevent cucumber plants from contracting soil borne diseases.

cucumber staking net

What you should consider before buying a cucumber trellis net in Nigeria

The following should be considered before buying a cucumber staking net in Nigeria:


Never buy a cucumber trellis net because you think that it is very cheap. You should buy only high quality staking nets, you know what? They do not come cheap. Do not be deceived by the ridiculously cheap prices of some cucumber staking nets, they are mostly sub-standard.


There are different sizes of cucumber staking nets. You should choose between the 2 metres by 100 metres cucumber staking nets and the 2 metres by 200 metres staking nets. Both sizes are good for cucumber plants’ staking.


The price of a cucumber staking net is also a factor you should look out for before making a purchase decision. I advise you not to buy a staking net because it appears very cheap. Only buy high quality cucumber trellis net which may be a little bit costlier than the lesser quality nets.


It is always better you buy your trellis nets from vendors that can advise you on the most suitable types of staking nets to buy. If you can, avoid buying cucumber staking nets from road side sellers who do not know anything about cucumber farming.

The UV Quality of the Net

You should insist on buying cucumber staking nets that are resistant to the ultra violet rays of the sun. Nets without ultra violet rays resistance will get bad quickly. Buying a staking net with no UV resistance quality is tantamount to wasting your money.

Do you use cucumber staking nets? If yes, can you share the reason you bought your cucumber staking nets with us on the comments’ section?

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