Where to Buy Palm Harvesters in Nigeria?

September 18, 2023

A palm harvester is a tool used for the harvesting of palm fruits or the palm fruit bunches. Palm harvesters can also be used to harvest coconuts from coconut trees.

A palm harvester is not only used for the harvesting of palm fruits and coconuts, it can also be used for the pruning of the leaves and branches of palm tress and coconut trees.

There are several places you can buy palm harvesters in Nigeria. You should endeavor to buy your palm harvesters from credible dealers in Nigeria. There are a lot of unscrupulous palm harvesters dealers in Nigeria who sell low quality and sub-standard palm harvesters.

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Where to Buy Palm harvesters in Nigeria

The following are the places you can buy palm harvesters in Nigeria:

Veggie Concept

Veggie Concept is one of the most credible palm harvesters and irrigation systems vendors in Nigeria. You can visit their offices of this firm to buy your palm harvesters.

You can visit Veggie Concept’s offices at Godwin Omonua Street, Isolo, Lagos, Lagos State or 28, Oba Adebimpe road, Dugbe, Ibadan, Oyo State.

You can also buy on their online store at https://store.veggieconcept.ng/


You can also buy palm harvesters from Jumia’s website. However, you should exercise caution as Jumia has a lot of vendors on its site. It is very difficult to know the credibility of the vendors and the quality of palm harvesters they sell.

You can buy palm harvesters on www.jumia.com.


Just like Jumia, Konga is a large ecommerce website. This firm sells a lot of palm harvesters. You should check the type of palm harvester you wish to buy well so as not to buy low quality palm harvesters.

You can buy palm harvesters on www.konga.com.

Manufacturer Representatives

Many palm harvester manufacturers have authorized dealers or representatives in Nigeria who sell their products. For example, Sumec and Wilo palm harvesters have authorized dealers and representatives in Nigeria.

You can buy palm harvesters from these authorized dealers.

Building Materials Stores

You can also buy palm harvesters from building materials stores around you. However, you should make sure that you have an expert who will advise you on the best type of palm harvester to buy.

Agro-Inputs Store

Many agro-inputs store in Nigeria stock palm harvesters and irrigation palm harvesters. You can get palm harvesters from some agro-inputs stores in Nigeria.

You can buy palm harvesters here. You can also contact us on 08025141924 to order your palm harvesters

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