Where to Buy Plastic Mulch in Nigeria?

April 21, 2022

Plastic mulch is sold by a lot of vendors in Nigeria. You can get plastic mulch to buy in almost all major cities and towns in Nigeria.

You should note that most of the sellers or vendors of plastic mulch in Nigeria sell the low quality types which will last for just a few weeks on your farm.

You should do your own research and only patronize credible vendors like Veggie Concept. Do not be deceived by the ridiculously cheap prices of some plastic mulches, it is a trick used by unscrupulous sellers to sell their low quality mulching films.

where to buy plastic mulch in Nigeria

Where Can I Buy Plastic Mulch in Nigeria?

You can buy plastic mulch in the following places:

Veggie Concept

Veggie Concept is one of the biggest agro-inputs, irrigation systems and farm technologies vendors in Nigeria. Veggie Concept stocks all types of plastic mulch in Nigeria.

We do not just sell, we ask questions. We guide our customers on the best type of plastic mulch to use on their farms.

Veggie Concept sells black plastic mulch, silver on black plastic mulch, red plastic mulch, green plastic mulch and transparent plastic mulch etc.

We can also produce the specific type of plastic mulch you want.

You can contact Veggie Concept on 08025141924 or sales@veggieconcept.ng.

Techon Agro

Techo Agro is a reseller of Veggie Concept. You can also get your plastic mulch for this firm. Tecon Agro sells high quality plastic mulch that can be used for weed control.

This firm does not only sell, they also educate customers on the type of plastic mulch to use on their farm. Techno Agro can also help you to install the plastic mulch on your farm.

You can contact Techon Agro through info@techonagro.com.ng.


Dizengoff is a well-known agro technology vendor in Nigeria. Dizengoff imports and seels plastic mulches in Nigeria. The plastic mulch sold by this firm is of good quality.

You can contact Dizengoff through info@dizengoff.com if you want to buy their plastic mulching film products.

Open Markets in Nigeria

Plastic mulches may be available in some open markets in Nigeria; however, you should exercise some restraints when buying in the open market.

Most of the vendors in the open market are not experts; they are also more likely to see low quality plastic mulches to unsuspecting buyers.

Direct Importation

If you want a large volume of plastic mulches, you can import directly from the US, UK or Turkey. These countries produce high quality plastic mulch.

Are you still confused on whether you can buy plastic mulch? If yes, why not contact us on 08025141924.

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