Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Drip Irrigation System from Veggie Concept

September 16, 2020

Drip irrigation is one of the most innovative irrigation systems in the world. Drip irrigation allows farmers to irrigate their crops in a systematic, efficient and water saving manner. Drip irrigation ensures that water is only passed only to the roots of plants.

Veggie Concept is one of the leading drip irrigation suppliers in Nigeria. The firm also deals with other types of irrigation kits, seeds, fertilizers, greenhouses, pesticides and other agro inputs.

Veggie Concept has sold and installed drip irrigation systems on some of the largest farms in Nigeria. As it sells to large farms, it also caters for small scale farmers all around the nooks and crannies of Nigeria.

Reasons why should buy your drip irrigation tubes from Veggie Concept Nigeria

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Below are some of the reasons why you should buy your drip irrigation system from Veggie Concept:

Technical Capability of Veggie Concept: Veggie Concept is staffed with experts in agronomy, precision agriculture, water engineering and irrigation technology. Some of the employees of Veggie Concept have worked on some of the largest irrigation projects in United Kingdom, India and Nigeria. The agronomists in Veggie Concept have also worked in some precision farms in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Integrity: At Veggie Concept, we only sell drip irrigation systems that will last long. We do not sell drip irrigation systems that will last for a short time on your farm, integrity is our watch word.

Affordable Pricing: The cost or price of our drip irrigation system is affordable. Please note that we do not sell ridiculously cheap and low quality drip irrigation system that will last just few months. The trick unscrupulous irrigation dealers use in Nigeria is to sell drip irrigation kits at ridiculously low price because they know that most Nigerians are price sensitive. Do not fall for the trick of buying cheap irrigation products, you may later regret and be forced to come and buy the good one. Penny wise, pound foolish!

Ability to work anywhere in Nigeria: The customers of Veggie Concept are scattered all around cities, towns and villages in all the geo-political zones of Nigeria. We have customers in the north, south, east and central Nigeria.

Local Representative of Rivulis: Veggie Concept is the Nigeria representative of Rivulis. Rivulis is the largest micro-spray irrigation manufacturer in the world. The drip irrigation system of Rivulis is one of the best in the world. Rivulis has manufacturing outfits in Israel, France, US and several countries of the world.

A lot of customers: Veggie Concept has a lot of customers in Nigeria and even in the Republic of Benin. We have supplied drip irrigation to hundreds of farmers in Nigeria and the Republic of Benin.

Freebies: For those who buy drip irrigation systems in bulk from Veggie Concept, the firm will offer free soil analysis, free water analysis and free agronomic plan based on the result of soil and water tests. Veggie Concept guides its customers all through; the firm always wants its customers to be successful in their farming venture.

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Should you want to buy drip irrigation kits or have any issues or questions about drip irrigation, please contact Veggie Concept through or 08025141924.

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